Google warns Huawei users not to sideload Gmail and YouTube - but it's the source that you get the app from that counts and if Huawei does the checks it should be fine

Date Published: Sat, 22 Feb 2020 10:57:01 +0200

Hundreds of thousands of LineageOS users (myself included) have used the sideloaded Gapps for many years without any issues at all. It all depends on where you source the apps from. If Huawei is now getting the apps and testing them out themselves, the apps should be fine as long as you get them from Huawei (ie. through Huawei's app store) and not via an known 3rd party site.

It is true that Google cannot vouch for the security of apps in Huawei's app store as they don't test them, but let's not confuse users. They could add that if the apps were thoroughly tested by Huawei and it is ensured the apps are obtained from that verified source, they should be fine to use, but again Google is not part of the process so it must be Huawei who vouches for that. Anyway Google's "checks" don't hold a lot of water judging by the amount of malware in their apps that keep getting taken down after the fact... maybe Huawei does an even better job!

See Google warns Huawei users not to sideload Gmail and YouTube

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Google has released a statement detailing what Huawei’s US Entity listing means for the smartphone manufacturer’s upcoming devices.

Graphene Batteries FINALLY Hit the Market - They will charge much faster and will be safer than existing Li-Ion batteries

Date Published: Fri, 21 Feb 2020 22:32:29 +0200

There is already a 10,000mAh battery bank coming to market and hopefully in the coming year we'll see the higher end phones getting these batteries. Testing has been successful with up to 100W charging (which would fry a normal battery) and seems life cycle use will be about 2,5x longer than existing Li-Ion batteries.

See Major Breakthrough: Graphene Batteries FINALLY Hit the Market

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Previous Samsung graphene video: #^ Gary Explains video: #^ --- About ColdF...

How to install desktop Ubuntu on your Android device - I tried it and it works really well with LibreOffice, desktop Chromium etc

Date Published: Fri, 21 Feb 2020 22:10:17 +0200

The only requirement for this to run is a rooted phone (which my Pixel 2 XL is) and the instructions were pretty easy to get Linux Deploy to work. Once that was in I could choose from a variety of Linux distros such as Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Debian, etc and depending on which one, then also the version and some desktop UIs. Its not everything as I noticed I could install latest Ubuntu with MATE desktop but did not see Kubuntu by default, although I see there is a custom option too.

Internet browsing and app installs are working fine, but I was having trouble mounting a local folder on the phone to browse its data, and also to browse my computer. But I could access my Nextcloud server and get files from there. It works perfectly fast enough.

To be honest a phone's screen is a bit small to do decent work on, so I see two useful scenarios maybe for this:
1. Boot it as-is and display via Chromecast to a TV screen, and just connect a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse to operate it.
2. Boot it and with its in-built VNC server you access it with a VNC Viewer from any other computer to control it.

Why? Well because you have this "desktop computer" all configured in your pocket wherever you are with browser, documents, office software, all your settings etc ready to go.

It's just a pity there is not better documentation on tweaking some of the settings. But I'll do a short video tomorrow on what my set-up looks like.

See how to install it at How to install Ubuntu on your Android device

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Read the post: #^ How to download and install Ubuntu onto your Android smartphone or tablet. Download the AndroidAuthority App: #^https://pl...

How to Boot a Raspberry Pi4 with a SSD to make it more reliable and about 17x faster than with a slow SD card

Date Published: Fri, 21 Feb 2020 17:51:53 +0200

This is still a workaround as Raspberry Pi has still not given us a way to natively boot from a SSD drive. This gives you a taste though of how SSD booting will really improve the speed and reliability of especially Pi 4's.

Watch Boot a Raspberry Pi4 with an SSD to make it reliable and fast

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Enough is enough! I waited for more than half a year to boot my new Raspberry Pi 4 from SSD to increase its speed and reduce the chance of losing my valuable...

What and How to Teach to Win the 4th Industrial Revolution - it will require nothing short of restructuring public education at all levels, not just Grade-12

Date Published: Fri, 21 Feb 2020 15:23:07 +0200

Many not-for-profits are directing their efforts to provide equitable access to public education. However, putting more students in a broken, dysfunctional system won’t yield the outcomes and impact we want. Instead, the very structure and process of education will need to change if we are to provide students with the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies they need for jobs that have yet to be created.

What’s more, unless we address the gender social and cultural stereotypes, the 4IR could make gender inequity worse, not better.

One goal should be to create entrepreneurial schools and universities, and by that I don’t mean teaching children how to start businesses. Instead, creating the entrepreneurial mindset is about the pursuit of opportunity with scarce resources with the goal of creating user defined value through the deployment of innovation. Creating a successful business is but one of many ways to do that.

So bearing in mind the scope of change required and how long the education system takes to adapt... we have a challenge. So how much focus do we truly have on changing and readying the education system? WE hear lots from politicians and industry (sales people?) about 4IR but how much are we hearing from educators about all the changes they've made to their system? Do educators understand 4IR and what they need to change?

Watch an interesting video about the paradigm shift required within education to help make 4IR happen at How Should We Educate Children to Win the Fourth Industrial Revolution? – Innovation Excellence


The Innovation Excellence community is home to articles, webinars, videos, training and education - powering growth in the innovation management profession.

Venture-Capitalists warn: Pumping millions into an AI startup? You mean, pumping millions into Azure, AWS or Google Cloud... Cloud computing for good AI is expensive!

Date Published: Thu, 20 Feb 2020 23:20:29 +0200

Seems AI is no magic bullet yet and its still early days. For AI start-ups especially their margins are lower and they are more like traditional service providers in that they will likely roll out customized deployments. The sky-high costs of cloud compute time for machine learning and the painstaking human effort needed to clean up the data needed to train AI systems are also major financial sinkholes.

If you're not a hyperscaler, or close pals with one, eye-watering cloud bills can reach tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even spill over to the millions of dollars – something most startups cannot afford.

The human labor required to clean the training data can be outsourced to third parties, but these services quickly rack up in costs, even if you pay people poorly, and run into privacy headaches. AI software has to be retrained regularly to adapt to the dynamic nature of data, and algorithms written and tweaked for specific customer or application workloads.

See VCs warn: Pumping millions into an AI startup? You mean, pumping millions into Azure, AWS or Google Cloud...

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And forget SaaS-y upstarts: These machine-learning darlings are more like traditional service outfits

What DNS encryption means for enterprise threat hunters and admins - new browsers will be enabling DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

Date Published: Thu, 20 Feb 2020 16:13:56 +0200

For security operations center (SOC) teams the negative effect of DoH is that it blindsides them to malware communication that can more easily masquerade as normal HTTPS traffic in the corporate network.

"As a network operator… I need to see what my users and applications and devices are doing in DNS in order to know which one of them is an intruder, which one of them is malware, which one of them is part of a botnet, which one of them is a poisoned supply chain… I have to be able to see that in order to keep my network secure, and so anybody who comes along with a project like DNS over HTTPS that says ‘Yeah, we want to make it impossible for the network operator to interfere with DNS operations’, they don’t understand my life at all."

DNS encryption, while bringing some good, disables some of your protections. This affects primarily network-based security solutions, underscoring the importance of having a quality, multi-layered endpoint security solution in place.

The article unpacks some of these issues as well as suggesting some plans of action. Bottom line is these new changes are coming and a decades old paradigm is changing. If you are involved in network admin or security threat monitoring you need to stay up to date with this as it evolves.

The problem here is that whilst this challenge is all very valid, the article is "published" in partnership with ESET who wants to sell their solution to you. It's important to not just default to buying solutions and services to try to solve this whilst neglecting your own admins. Your network admins need to be constantly upskilling to understand and advise about these threats as trusted internal advisors with the organisations interests at heart. Network admins who do not stay up to date risk becoming irrelevant and the organisation is then at risk of being sold any 3rd party solution that can likely cost and arm and a leg over time.

See What DNS encryption means for enterprise threat hunters

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The dawn of the DNS over HTTPS era is putting business security and SOC teams to the challenge.

A guided tour by an engineer inside the Wind Turbine at Dundalk Institute of Technology

Date Published: Thu, 20 Feb 2020 15:56:27 +0200

Very interesting to see all the actual components and controls of a wind generator. There is a lot more to it than just blades. I'm just wondering what the "sway" must feel like at the top of that tower.

Watch at Wind Turbine Tour

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Brief tour inside the Wind Turbine at Dundalk Institute of Technology

Open Source Software Country Intelligence to provide insights on all EU Member States in the domain of OSS policies and initiatives

Date Published: Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:26:38 +0200

The country intelligence will be presented in two formats: a short report with an overview of policies and existing legal frameworks throughout the Member States as well as open source software initiatives, and a fact sheet visually complementing the report. Once the analysis of all 28 countries is completed, a comprehensive study will be performed to spot trends and strengths throughout the European Union and to share best practices.

The study on open source software policies will consist of the following chapters:
* General context of open source software policies in Public Administration
* Actors
* Policy and legal framework
* Open source software initiatives at all levels of Government

So far Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, and Sweden have information published.

See Open Source Software Country Intelligence | Joinup

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The open source software country intelligence aims to provide insights on all EU Member States in the domain of open source software policies and initiatives. The country intelligence reports and their respective factsheets are published as part of the Open Source Observatory (OSOR) project of the ISA² Programme.  The country intelligence will...

Electrical tape fooled a Tesla into speeding in test - Meaning AI could be weaponised if you know its shortcomings and deliberately exploit it

Date Published: Thu, 20 Feb 2020 09:46:56 +0200

The tests involved a 2016 Model S and Model X that used camera systems supplied by Mobileye, now a unit of Intel. Mobileye systems are used by several car makers though Tesla stopped using them in 2016. Tests on Mobileye’s latest camera system didn’t reveal the same vulnerability, and Tesla’s latest vehicles apparently don’t depend on traffic sign recognition, according to McAfee.

Which is correct as one needs to ask if the speed limit was always 35 and suddenly now shows 85 where such a road should not be 85, I need to double check this first before applying a change, and slower will be irritating but it is safer.

Yes this may also have fooled a few legacy motorists but the intuition and double checks need to be deeper developed. It's akin to developing a missile response system that just adds two events together and pulls the trigger without some further deliberations (it's also why we don't take just any human and put them in charge of missile defence).

So AI is already doing a very good job, and I'd venture to say better than most humans, but its not able to yet fully counter actions by malicious humans. If we can get this right we'd have cleaner social networks too!

My real concern is about humans that go out of their way to cause havoc, and fiddling with satellites and AI may just tickle their fancy...

See Electrical tape fooled a Tesla into speeding in test - TechCentral

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Researchers were able to trick a Tesla vehicle into speeding by putting a strip of electrical tape over a speed limit sign, spotlighting the kinds of potential vulnerabilities facing automated driving systems.

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