How to Increase VirtualBox hard drive size with Clonezilla or GParted

Date Published: Fri, 6 Dec 2019 21:29:28 +0200

You finally decided to try Linux in a virtual machine. You chose and downloaded a Linux distribution that looked good, created a virtual machine, installed it, played with it, ended up loving it. And now you want to see more of this fascinating Linux Land but can’t because your virtual HDD is full.

Instead of trying to alter the virtual machine’s HDD, we’ll do what we’d do with a “normal” PC: create and “attach” a second HDD, then use a standard, bootable version of the favourite imaging/backup tool CloneZilla to copy the contents of the old virtual HDD to the new one and then remove the old HDD, leaving you with more storage without having to deal with cryptic commands and strange failures. There is no need to back up things since your old virtual HDD will still exist if need be. As a bonus, the latest versions of CloneZilla deal with the resizing of any partitions, so if everything goes according to plan, after this you only have to swap virtual HDDs and boot your virtual PC.

See how to do it at

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#^How to Increase VirtualBox HDD Size with Clonezilla - Make Tech Easier


One common error in Virtualbox is the lack of hard drive space in the virtual machine. Here's how to increase Virtualbox hard drive space with Clonezilla.

Google Assistant now supports 3rd party Notes and Lists in Google Keep,, AnyList, or Bring! across devices

Date Published: Fri, 6 Dec 2019 21:18:16 +0200

Way back at Google I/O 2018, the company talked about adding 3rd-party app support for lists and notes in Google Assistant. People were very excited about this as Assistant’s built-in lists and notes features are pretty limited, not to mention people already have established favorite apps. A little over a year ago, it appeared the feature may be rolling out, but that never actually happened. Now, it looks like Google may finally be flipping the switch for real.

To get started, simply connect the Assistant with the app you use to create notes or lists. Select the “Services” tab in your Google Assistant settings and then choose your preferred provider name from the “Notes and Lists” section. Once connected, new notes and lists created from supported Assistant surfaces will appear in your chosen provider.

Whatsapp may have launched a paid integration with but you can't talk to Whatsapp hands free from across the room or whilst driving to operate it. I like that there are multiple options and at least one which is completely free. For our home we really do use smart speakers for questions and often for setting alarms and reminders as we move around.


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#^Google Assistant support for 3rd-party Notes and Lists apps is rolling out


A little over a year ago, Google Assistant was supposed to get Notes and Lists apps. Now, it looks like Google may finally be flipping the switch for real.

SUVs are way worse for the planet than anyone previously thought - the average petrol SUV emits over ten per cent more CO2 per km than the average petrol car

Date Published: Fri, 6 Dec 2019 18:30:48 +0200

While overall emissions from passenger cars fell by 75 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide (MtCO2) between 2010 and 2018, emissions from SUVs grew by 544 metric tonnes – more than the increase from heavy industry, aviation, trucks or shipping.

Part of the problem, says Aronczyk, is that once supersized cars start to take off in a country, consumers and manufacturers rapidly get into an SUV arms race. “When you drive on a regular old sedan on the highway, everyone else's headlights are right in your face,” she says. “It actually is hard to drive when you are the only one left on the road in a normal car.”

With their hulking weight and high driving position, SUVs exude a feeling of safety for those behind the wheel, but it can sometimes be an illusion. In 2003, traffic data from the US government found that people driving or riding in an SUV were 11 per cent more likely to die in an accident than people in cars – thanks to their high centre of gravity and tendency to roll over in crashes.

I did not realise that in the US SUVs were categorised as trucks and not cars, and therefore escaped the emissions targets set for cars. Good news though is that some SUVs are starting to go electric, and also that the EU will be setting emissions targets across a company's entire fleet of cars (inc any SUVs). And of course there is now the Tesla Cybertruck...


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#^SUVs are way worse for the planet than anyone previously thought


Sales of hefty and heavily-polluting SUVs have doubled in the last decade – outweighing the progress made from electric vehicles. Can cleaner SUVs offer a way out?

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 review: Monster 108-megapixel camera can really zoom and has a humongous 5,260mAh battery

Date Published: Fri, 6 Dec 2019 17:11:15 +0200

Xiaomi has a simple smartphone strategy: Focus on the features people really want, and offer that at the lowest possible price.

The company's latest smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, takes this approach to the extreme. It's a phone that outmatches expensive flagships with its 108-megapixel, penta camera and massive battery, while keeping the price at a fairly reasonable 550 euros ($610).

It has a few trade-offs such as adverts in some markets, no face unlock, no waterproofing, and not so hot photography in low light. The camera sensor is made by Samsung (who is intending to include it in their new 2020 phones).

But if your priorities are a good camera and battery life then this may be a serious consideration. See more detail on te camera testing etc at

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#^Xiaomi Mi Note 10 review: Monster 108-megapixel camera can really zoom


Stellar camera, excellent battery life, decent price.

Why cannot SA Police Services use free and open source ArchiMate for enterprise architecture toolset instead of a commercial tender which will only result in an expensive proprietary product?

Date Published: Fri, 6 Dec 2019 16:50:18 +0200

Most of SA government is attending TOGAF training by The Open Group and The Open Group provides the ArchiMate modelling toolset free of charge as open source. This means no procurement of the tool, no vendor lock in (you can continue using it), no annual license fees. Any support services needed for the tool could be a simpler cheaper bid to just obtain a local service provider to assist but in most cases a trained enterprise architect could be expected to do this themselves in-house.

The ArchiMate modelling language is an open and independent Enterprise Architecture standard that supports the description, analysis and visualisation of architecture within and across business domains. ArchiMate is one of the open standards hosted by The Open Group and is fully aligned with TOGAF. ArchiMate aids stakeholders in assessing the impact of design choices and changes.

Needless to say I have made this suggestion to the procurement agency contact person for bid RFB 2040/2019 at

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#^ICT Tenders – Behind closed doors


This week’s National Tender Bulletin sees Treasury's efforts to improve procurement processes sidelined.

100Mbps fibre pricing – South Africa at $87pm vs The World - We are THE most expensive of 62 countries surveyed!

Date Published: Fri, 6 Dec 2019 16:47:33 +0200

This is a pretty dismal picture and I can see why government wants to step in to "adjust" this as it is not competitive and costs our local industry dearly to do business.

Eastern European countries filled the top three spots for the cheapest 100Mbps fibre prices, with all three (Ukraine, Russia, and Moldova) charging less than $10 (R146.48). Some countries – including Poland, Romania, France, and Singapore – do not offer speeds as low as 100Mbps.


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#^100Mbps fibre pricing – South Africa vs The World


A study by Picodi found that South Africa has the most expensive 100Mbps fibre prices in the world.

WhatsApp gets integration for tasks and reminders, adds call waiting support - but seems is a paid subscription

Date Published: Fri, 6 Dec 2019 08:35:13 +0200

The call waiting could be useful but it does appear the integration mentions a week trial period, so I'm assuming that is paid. It's worth remembering that Telegram messenger also has a rich ecosystem of bot integration (usually free) and there are at least three different options just for reminder scheduling. So don't feel locked into Whatsapp because it's the only messenger you know.


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#^WhatsApp gets integration for tasks and reminders, adds call waiting support


The latest update for WhatsApp is getting a new integration with for tasks and reminders, along with call waiting support.

Free Plex streaming service tested – A long way from Netflix in South Africa likely due to geo-locking

Date Published: Thu, 5 Dec 2019 15:43:33 +0200

MyBroadband did a test of this free ad-supported service and although it performed well technically the content selection was dismal. The geo-locking in SA could mean someone else has snatched the rights to the better movies.

Which means that the Plex streaming service may have a lot more on offer elsewhere in the world.

See more details on the testing at

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#^Free Plex streaming service tested – A long way from Netflix


We tried out Plex’s free streaming service to see how it compares to other streaming services available in South Africa.

Spotting drivers on their phone is just the tip of the iceberg for AI-enabled cameras - Automated surveillance starts simple, but who knows where it will end

Date Published: Wed, 4 Dec 2019 22:48:44 +0200

It also demonstrates the slow creep of artificial intelligence into state and corporate surveillance — a trend that experts say could lead to some dark places: chilling civil rights, automating prejudices and biases, and pushing society slowly towards authoritarianism.

But as the roadside cameras of New South Wales show, identifying people is just the start of AI surveillance: the real power — and threat — is identifying actions. This means creating cameras that don’t just tell you who people are, but what they’re doing. Is that person moving things about? Could they be stealing something? Are they just loitering in a way you don’t like?

Governments are going to give all sorts of reasons why AI will be positive (make you as a citizen safer when crime is proactively identified and neutralised) but at what cost to freedoms? We could then just as well have a spy camera in every home with governments monitoring to ensure we are safe or are not tempted to commit any crime. It does reek rather of an Orwellian 1984... we have already lost many freedoms in the name of combating terrorism, child pornography, and human trafficking. The big question is where does the line get drawn? Neither of the two extremes is really practical today.

But I can see these AI type cameras becoming more pervasive in public areas probably whether we like it or not. It's the way the world has been moving the last decade. They are also a major business opportunity for companies to sell these solutions to police agencies (and they certainly don't all work very well as we've seen in the UK).


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#^Spotting drivers on their phone is just the tip of the iceberg for AI-enabled cameras


AI cameras will put us all under surveillance

New Kindle Oasis 10th Generation e-Reader arrived today

Date Published: Wed, 4 Dec 2019 17:59:56 +0200

New Kindle Oasis 10th generation e-reader arrived 4 Dec 2019. I bought it on the Black Friday Special so got 30% off. It is an upgrade to my Kindle Paperwhite 2 (6th edition).

So key differences are:
* 7" screen over the 6" Paperwhite
* 8GB RAM over 4GB RAM
* Auto page orientation
* Page turn buttons
* Waterproof
* Bluetooth audio
* More LEDs but also a warmer colour can be set
* 300 ppi over 212 ppi resolution

See photos at where I'll be expanding my observations after testing.

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