How Everyshop achieved thousands of reviews hours after launch... they partnered with global review aggregator TestFreaks to provide product reviews

Date Published: Sat, 20 Mar 2021 10:15:43 +0200

I really don't like this as those reviews say nothing about other purchaser's experiences, the accuracy of the listing, delivery issues, etc. Even though their competitor (Takealot) has a lot fewer reviews they certainly appear to be genuine reviews as quite a few are negative and I've veered away from some products. I leave reviews about the accuracy of listings, delivery issues, and the tested capacity of rechargeable batteries.

Reviews also give an indication of how many people have bought one product vs an alternative product. This is all meaningless on Everyshop's site. I only want to see verified purchaser reviews. I can search for my own global reviews.

See How Everyshop achieved thousands of reviews hours after launch

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Many Everyshop products had thousands of reviews on the day of its launch, which raises the question – how?

You can quickly create 3D scans of objects and structures on an iPhone with a LiDAR scanner

Date Published: Fri, 19 Mar 2021 22:55:45 +0200

I know the LiDAR scanner is used for face ID and detection, and also for scanning depth for camera focus etc, but I did not realise it can also be used for real 3D colour scans to very easily create 3D objects for games, CAD, or other uses. Using the 3d Scanner App (link below) it allows sharing via iMessage (in AR), OBJ, GLTF, GLB, STL, Point Cloud, Sketchfab, or DAE (for Sketchup). These objects are accurate enough to be true to scale and measurements.

The iPhone needs to have a LiDAR sensor for this to work, but any phone or computer can view the 3D image and allow you to zoom in, rotate, pan, etc. A good cross-platform app for this is MadView3D. Do a search "iphone lidar 3d scans" to see many example videos of what a scan looks like.

Yes you can do great 3D scans of someone's head too and then rotate them around etc (Harry Potter style). You can also use some formats to print the "object" out on a 3D printer. Many of these iOS apps charge subscriptions, but the one below seems to be completely free and pretty fully featured.

See ‎3d Scanner App™

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‎3d Scan places and objects in color 3d. Requires a LIDAR camera sensor device, such as the iPad Pro or iPhone 12 Pro.
Easily share your 3d scans in iMessage & AR Quicklook using the USDZ format. Additionally export your scans in popular formats such as OBJ, GLTF, GLB, DAE, and STL.
Also export you…

How to play Microsoft Fight Simulator on Linux with Steam Games

Date Published: Fri, 19 Mar 2021 13:31:11 +0200

Yes it's not released for native Linux but many Linux players may want to play it, so this is how it can be done. Pretty well much the same way as for most other Window-only games on Steam Games.

There are ways to do this outside of Steam Games, but this method with ProtonDB in Steam Games is probably the easiest way.

Whilst we do have native Linux versions of X-Plane as well as FlightGear which are both very good, Microsoft's Flight Simulator has taken flight sims to a new level.

See How to play Microsoft Fight Simulator on Linux

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is an aircraft simulator video game for Xbox, as well as Microsoft Windows. It's one of the longest-running flying simulators

Facebook is working on a version of Instagram for kids under 13 - OMG this is like marketing proprietary software for free to kids in schools, but worse...

Date Published: Fri, 19 Mar 2021 12:05:13 +0200

From recent stats Instagram was shown to be THE number One app that gathers so much private information (more than Facebook itself). This is wrong on so many levels. Facebook, as a company, is probably also pretty low on the stakes of user trust anyway. Why do you think they want to do this, for the kids? If many adults (myself included) have already deleted their Instagram accounts over privacy trust issues with Facebook, this just does not look like as a good idea.

Targeting online products at children under 13 is fraught not only with concerns about privacy, but legal issues as well. In September 2019, the Federal Trade Commission fined Google $170 million for tracking the viewing histories of children to serve ads to them on YouTube, a violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). TikTok precursor was fined $5.7 million for violating COPPA in February of 2019.

See Facebook is working on a version of Instagram for kids under 13

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Parents would have "transparency or control," the company says.

Monopoly: Go Green Edition Lets You Capitalize on Sustainability And It's Crafted From Sustainable Materials Itself

Date Published: Thu, 18 Mar 2021 22:58:45 +0200

The entire Go Green Edition is crafted from sustainable materials. The packaging, game board, money, cards, and trays are made from 100-percent recycled paper. The game tokens themselves (including a dinosaur!) are made from a plant-based plastic derived from sugarcane, and the dice and houses come from responsibly sourced wood.

But it isn't just the physical game board and accessories that celebrate sustainability — the game's themes do the same. This edition finds players investing in renewable energy like solar fields and wind farms. And instead of taking railroads, you take bike paths. While the properties are the same and the rules remain unchanged, this vision of the game is decidedly much friendlier to the environment in several ways.

See Monopoly: Go Green Edition Lets You Capitalize on Sustainability

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Monopoly: Go Green Edition Lets You Capitalize on SustainabilityMonopoly: Go Green Edition Lets You Capitalize on SustainabilityMonopoly: Go Green Edition Lets You Capitalize on Sustainability

How to use FIND command in Linux - It's a lot faster than graphical user interfaces

Date Published: Thu, 18 Mar 2021 12:57:05 +0200

When I need to search through a terabyte or more of files for something I've realised that using the command line interface is way quicker and uses less resources. This short article gets you quickly up to speed on using the Find command from the CLI - it's really not complicated at all.

I've linked to the Internet Archive page as the original site is timing out.

See How to use FIND command in Linux - The Linux GURUS

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Learn how to use the FIND command in Linux. Find command is a pretty useful command for easily locating files & folders in Linux. What makes


Heroic Game Launcher - Gaming on Linux with Epic Games just Leveled Up with this Launcher

Date Published: Wed, 17 Mar 2021 15:48:09 +0200

Heroic is an Open Source Game Launcher for Linux. Right now it supports launching game from the Epic Games Store using Legendary, a Linux CLI alternative to launch epic games. Heroic is built with Web Technologies like: TypeScript, React, NodeJS and Electron.

Watch a short video at Heroic Game Launcher

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Gaming on Linux with Epic Games just Leveled Up with this Launcher!

00:00 Intro
00:30 Heroic Game Launcher GitHub
01:11 AUR Install for Heroic
01:35 Launching Heroic Game Launcher
02:09 L...

Valheim - The exploration and survival game has sold over 5 million copies and can be played single player too on Windows and Linux

Date Published: Wed, 17 Mar 2021 15:07:47 +0200

I posted about this game on 18 Feb 2021 when it had sold 3 million copies in its first two weeks of pre-release. It's gone past that record already and whilst it is a multi-player (up to 10) game, and you can even host your own server, it is also a very enjoyable single player game.

There was some doubt as to whether a single player experience would be a good experience, but quite a few reviews have been done on it, and this is good news as not everyone has got a group of friends to play with (often friends just don't have the same interests).

The game has just on 158,000 reviews on Steam Games, and its average rating is "overwhelmingly positive". It plays on Windows and Linux and sells for $20 (although I'm seeing it listed right now in my currency at just under $10, so I'm buying as I'm typing this).

The video below gives an introduction and also shows the single player mode and how to get started.

See What Makes Valheim So Good (And Why You Should Play It)

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Valheim is a brand new exploration survival game set in a procedurally generated, Viking inspired world. The game released just a few weeks ago and has explo...

A practical and sane beginner's guide to NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and their risks

Date Published: Wed, 17 Mar 2021 10:34:34 +0200

We're hearing the acronym NFT tossed around a lot on the media lately, and they are actually nothing new. But this short video does a good job of just explaining what they are, why a plain cryptocurrency is not used, and some of the risks involved.

It also serves as a good example of another use for blockchain in the digital world to establish ownership and trade. As more and more banks are also looking at the use of blockchain, it is good to just keep abreast of what it is all about. Just remember the big thing is blockchain as a technology, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum are merely one type of use of blockchain. Don't think that blockchain and cryptocurrency is the same thing.

A parting thought is just that many owned Bitcoin from years ago, now worth a fortune, and they have either lost the hard drive or lost the password, making them very unhappy people...

See A beginner's guide to NFTs, the crypto potentially worth millions

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And yes, someone actually sold an NFT for over $69 million.

You probably didn't know about Samsung's hidden Lab in its Gallery app - Learn how to enable the secret settings

Date Published: Tue, 16 Mar 2021 20:53:21 +0200

No matter how well we think we know our phones, there's always something or other that manages to evade our attention. Don't believe me? If you've got a Samsung phone, chances are you didn't know that your Gallery app contains a hidden menu, chock full of secret options.

To be clear, this isn't new, and Samsung has shipped this since One UI 2.1. If you'd like to try it out, enabling it is rather simple: Head over to settings within the Gallery app and open About Gallery. Now repeatedly tap on the version number until you see a toast that reads [Labs] Gallery labs is enabled. You'll now find the now-not-so-secret menu in the app's settings menu.

See How to access Samsung's secret Gallery menu on your Galaxy phone

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No matter how well we think we know our phones, there's always something or other that manages to evade our attention. Don't believe me? If you've got a

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