Search Utilities Links

Ananzi - South African search engine.

DuckDuckGo - he search engine that doesn't track you.

Google - Really good & smart international search engine. It will also allow you to set alerts on any keyword and it will automatically notify you if pages with those keywords are in the news or appear on any website in the future. You can also install a Google Toolbarfor MS Explorer (For Firefox click here).  While at Google you could also have a look at their free Blogger service that allows you to publish thoughts, ideas, etc on the web and share them with others. PC Mag has also published an article on top search tricks with Google.

Google Desktop Search - really fast and effective searching through your e-mail (Outlook and GMail), web pages visited, PDF docs, text files, MS Word, MS Powerpoint, and MS Excel files. Brings the full power of Google to your desktop for free.

Copernic Desktop Search - more features than Google Desktop and also free. Also searches network mapped drives.

WhoWhere - One of the best people finders on the Net. South Africa's White Pages telephone directory.