Here's How To Use Instagram's Restrict Feature To Filter Out Negativity or Bullying

Since October is National Bullying Prevention Month, Instagram wanted to help by releasing its new Restrict feature across global user accounts. Some might be afraid or intimidated to stand up for themselves. It isn't easy. But the good news with the update is that Instagram's Restrict "is designed to empower you to quietly protect your account while still keeping an eye on a bully."

What does that mean? It means that you and the person who left the restricted comment on your Instagram post are the only two people who can see it, and you get to approve (or not approve) other comments from that user in the future to make them visible to everyone. That means you can keep the situation from escalating, with other users getting involved one way or the other, as well as sort of moderate a user's comments to your posts.


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#^Instagram's New Restrict Feature Helps Filter Out Negativity From Your Feed


You may not know that October is National Bullying Prevention Month, but many take inspiration from the national event. It seems like it's kind of an epidemic, especially with social media, and that's why some social media platforms are trying to…

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