Samsung now updates Android 4 years of security updates, even longer than Google does for Pixels

Date Published: Tue, 23 Feb 2021 18:43:19 +0200

Samsung is upping the ante on Android updates and offering four years of security updates on many of its Android devices. The company's full update package is now three years of major OS updates and four years of security updates, besting even what Google offers on the Pixel line.

Battery life (or replaceability) and OS updates are two of the most critical features that should be considered when buying a smartphone, so I'm really happy to see Samsung pushing the limits a bit. Nowhere near the 7+ years that Apple does for iOS, but still a positive move. Now if only Samsung pushed its updates out a bit quicker...

See Samsung now updates Android for longer than Google does

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Galaxy devices going back to 2019 are now getting four years of security updates.

How to use open source peer-to-peer OnionShare desktop apps to anonymously share and receive files, host a website and anonymously chat

Date Published: Tue, 23 Feb 2021 18:31:12 +0200

OnionShare uses Tor onion services, so sharing of addresses should resolve remotely within just the Tor Browser, or even Brave browsers. There are apps for Linux, Windows and macOS. But you should read the guide and precautions at the linked article below.

See How OnionShare Works — OnionShare 2.3.1 documentation

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Web servers are started locally on your computer and made accessible to other people as Tor onion services. By default, OnionShare web addresses are protected with a random password. A typical OnionShare address might look something like this: You’re responsible for securely sharing that URL using a communication channel of your choice like in...

City of Cape Town says that its law enforcement officers have begun using an integrated app on handheld devices to help with the issuing of traffic and by-law contraventions

Date Published: Tue, 23 Feb 2021 16:37:06 +0200

In addition to the obvious administrative advantages, the app allows officers to save time by not having to issue a written notice as the manual notice book is replaced by this device, said the city’s JP Smith.

Smith said that app on the hand-held device does not only have scanning capabilities, allowing vehicle license disc and driver’s license scanning but has built-in GPS technology that allows for the correct allocation of notices to magisterial areas. The built-in camera will allow the officer to record digital evidence related to the contravention resulting in fewer disputes at court.

See Cape Town police are using this new app for driving and other fines – here’s how it works

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The City of Cape Town says that its law enforcement officers have begun using an integrated app on handheld devices to help with the issuing of traffic and by-law contraventions.

Free 'Clipboard - Paste Anywher‪e' works as a global clipboard for iOS and Android to Linux, Windows and MacOS desktops

Date Published: Tue, 23 Feb 2021 12:09:41 +0200

I had bought the myPhoneDesktop app a few days back to try to achieve this on my iPhone (pasting links or other text to my iPhone from the desktop) but there have been persistent network issues since Saturday for lots of people. So I cast my net wider and found this free (not open source) app that works across devices to copy and paste text and images.

There are mobile apps for iOS and Android, and on the desktop you can use a browser extension that works on any Chromium based browser. One of your devices will have a unique three word key, which you enter on any other device to set up the syncing. I'm not sure if the syncing is all local, but there is no e-mail or any other registration identification required to use it, so I'm thinking it's local. It has an option to wipe all posts off all devices. The other downside is no proper website explaining the product. But both apps were updated in May 2020, so it is still current.

See Clipboard - Paste Anywhere

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A clipboard app that synchronizes across iOS, android and chrome extensions

RecorderGear PR200 is a Bluetooth headset that records all my phone calls without any apps or rooting or jail breaking of the phone

Date Published: Mon, 22 Feb 2021 13:57:26 +0200

I've been using BoldBeast on a rooted Android phone for many years and that gave me the option after any call whether to save it or not. Having recordings has helped me recall all the finer details of calls whilst I've been mobile, and with retailers it has twice saved my bacon when I could prove the promises made verbally to me which did not materialise. I have no mercy with retailers as nearly all of them state they are recording my call, and they never acknowledge my immediate verbal response saying I'm doing the same my side (for quality and training purposes of course).

So recently I switched back to an iPhone (it's a long story) and did not want to jailbreak it as otherwise my banking app breaks. So the obvious choice without using an app, is a hardware device. After looking around, all roads seem to lead me to the PR200. It acts as a Bluetooth headset and does the recording on its own hardware which means firstly no jail breaking or rooting of the phone required, secondly no monthly subscriptions or additional costs, and thirdly it is iOS and Android compatible. Yes I could have bought a Dictaphone, but that is anyway cost, I must also carry it with me, and worse I must have all calls on speakerphone.

The PR200 is basically like a fat pen and the battery lasts 14 to 15 days. It has a switch for either off, auto record calls, or record a voice memo. It's good for 100's of hours but also easily plugs into any USB-A socket to charge as well as transfer the recordings. Good news is they also sorted out the date/timestamp for recordings.

On the downside it is not quite as clear as my phone's speaker and yes you do have to have it paired and carry it in a pocket with you. That said if you have a week-long meeting to record this does that job too with its 8GB storage and 576 hour recording time.

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The most effortless way to mirror your iOS screen to Linux is with RPiPlay or 5KPlayer and no iOS apps required

Date Published: Mon, 22 Feb 2021 10:03:28 +0200

I sometimes show a mobile screen when I record videos and have been looking for something as easy to use as Android has through their emulator. I tried a few apps but most were quite clunky, and I have now got it down to RPiPlay (Linux desktops or for a Raspberry Pi) or installing the Windows version of 5KPlayer (installs and runs perfectly if you have WINE installed on Linux).

Both will work without any apps being installed on the iOS device (just use normal screen mirroring to AirPlay) mirror the screen and audio. Control remains on the iOS device though, so you can't use the mouse to control from the Linux side. Instructions for RPiPlay are at, but it installed from AUR for me on Manjaro Linux.

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Jam is an open source alternative to Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces and similar audio spaces

Date Published: Sun, 21 Feb 2021 15:40:25 +0200

With Jam you can create audio rooms that can be used for panel discussions, jam sessions, free flowing conversations, debates, theatre plays, musicals and more. The only limit is your imagination.

More interesting is that you can also self-host it with an easy docker installation.

See Jam Systems / Jam

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Made-in-SA hearing test hardware is about to launch to the ISS, after makers ‘create our own luck’

Date Published: Sun, 21 Feb 2021 11:44:30 +0200

SA company eMoyo says it made its KUDUwave boothless audiometer to be tough and portable, and it required only slight modifications to be made ready for space.
Space is noisy, and preventing hearing loss among astronauts has been one of the key medical priorities for Nasa for decades. The KUDUwave was built to be small, robust and easy to use. Critically, and eMoyo says unique at its diagnostic level, it was also designed to offer tympanometry, which measures the functioning of the middle-ear, without the need for an audio booth.

See A made-in-SA hearing test is about to launch to the ISS, after makers ‘create our own luck’

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The KUDUwave boothless audiometer was built to be robust. Now it is part of a Nasa payload that will help with in-orbit hearing assessments for astronauts.

Not Comfortable Using youtube-dl in Terminal? Use These GUI Apps Instead

Date Published: Sun, 21 Feb 2021 11:34:14 +0200

Youtube-dl is a very useful command-line tool that lets you download videos from YouTube and some other websites. Using youtube-dl is not that complicated but I understand that using commands for such tasks is not everyone’s favorite way.

The good thing is that there are a few applications that provide GUI frontend for youtube-dl tool.

See Best Youtube-dl GUI Applications

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youtube-dl is an exceptional tool for downloading videos from YouTube. If you don't like using the terminal, here are some GUI apps built on top of youtube-dl.

Clockology has some of the best 3rd party watch faces for Apple Watch and this is how to install and use it

Date Published: Sun, 21 Feb 2021 11:13:00 +0200

I was used to Watchmaker for some excellent 3rd party watch faces for Android WearOS but was a bit disappointed with the selection there for Apple Watch. After looking around a bit I discovered Clockology and was really impressed with some of the watch faces there.

The only issue many have, is how to install and use it properly because of Apple's idiosyncrasies, so this video does help explain that. One thing to note about the wake screen setting is the menu option has changed, so instead you long press on the watch face and choose Stay Alive.

Unfortunately many watch face groups are on Facebook but you need not login especially for the Hong Kong one, and there is also a sub reddit for Clockology.

Watch at How To SETUP and INSTALL Clockology! (2021): Clockology Tutorial Custom Watch Faces for Apple Watch!

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