Wait for it: Popular iOS app takes three days to 'develop' pics and snaps only 24 photos per roll of 'film'

Gather round, kiddies, and let me tell you about a time when we'd take a photo, and then wait, sometimes for hours or even days, to see how it came out. Back then, we couldn't check voicemail while walking down the street unless we stopped at a payphone (a big box you put coins into).

All that waiting might seem like torture to you, young 'uns, but it brought a sweet anticipation that can only come with delayed gratification. Curious what that feels like? So are a lot of people. An app called Gudak Cam that makes you wait three long days for your digital photos to be processed is among the hottest paid iPhone apps in several countries, including South Korea and Japan, where it's especially popular among female high school students, Nikkei Asian Review reports.

The 99-cent iOS app, which came out in July, approximates the look and experience of a Kodak disposable camera. Users can only snap 24 shots in a row. Once they've finished a roll of 24 exposures, they have to wait an interminable hour to reload the "film." Rolls take three days to "develop."

To be honest there were many good reasons why I moved away from film cameras, but I can see the novelty in this for young kids that never had to live through that era. They could also simulated into the app:
1. Oh dear no photos at all as you did not thread the start of the film in properly so it never advanced
2. Sorry you lost the first two photos as you exposed the start of the film to some light
3. Pity about those pixellated errors, you had dust on the lens when you took those photos

A possible Android alternative is Kudak Pro at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ginnypix.gudakpro&hl=en

See http://cnet.co/2kIdrbR

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