Bash 5.0 Released with New Features

Posted on: Wed, 2019-01-09 - 09:33 By: admin

Bash 5.0 Released with New Features

Some of they key changes are:
* There is a new (disabled by default, undocumented) shell option to enable and disable sending history to syslog at runtime.
* The shell doesn’t automatically set BASH_ARGC and BASH_ARGV at startup unless it’s in debugging mode, as the documentation has always said, but will dynamically create them if a script references them at the top level without having enabled debugging mode.
* The ‘history’ can now delete ranges of history entries using ‘-d start-end’.
* If a non-interactive shell with job control enabled detects that a foreground job died due to SIGINT, it acts as if it received the SIGINT.
* BASH_ARGV0: a new variable that expands to $0 and sets $0 on assignment.

But it made me realise again I must start better using what is built into Bash instead of tapping the up arrow 20 times to repeat a previous command in history. How to do this quicker is to type:
* history -> displays a list of the last 500 commands all numbered.
* !xxx -> where xxx is the row number will execute that command


Bash 5.0 Released with New Features
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