Should you be afraid of cholesterol on a low-carb diet? No, but maybe so if you are on a medium to high-carb diet

Posted on: Sat, 2019-04-13 - 14:32 By: admin

An insurance company was worried that high LDL level would cause a prospective client to have a heart attack. After all, atherosclerosis plaques are filled with LDL cholesterol so high circulating levels must cause it, right?

No, this myopic perspective ignores the fact that both LDL and cholesterol are essential for good health. Indeed, they’re essential for life full stop. And LDL itself can also be good and it can also be bad and the process of turning good LDL into bad LDL isn’t driven by fat in the diet.

It’s driven by carbohydrate. This is because carbohydrates even the so-called healthy complex carbohydrates, they’re literally made of sugar, glucose molecules sequenced together. And when you eat carbohydrates that same glucose enters your circulation and there it can damage the LDL particles.


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