The problem with shaving: razor rash and how to avoid it by using a traditional safety razor

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Razor Rash is a term that encompasses a number of symptoms, first and foremost among which is ingrown hairs. These are caused when newly cut hairs grow into the hair follicle, rather than out of it. This process brings about redness, bumps, and swellings which are unsightly as well as painful. It’s something that can affect any and all hair types, but is particularly prevalent in those with curly facial hair. Some men will experience it rarely, if ever.

In addition to ingrown hairs, Razor Rash also refers to redness, soreness and irritation brought about by shaving. This can occur alongside ingrown hairs but often without it, as well. This irritation comes on when shaving scrapes off the top layers of skin along with removing hair. While a smaller number of men experience this, acne breakouts can occur where the outer layers of the skin have been damaged, leaving the skin more prone to bacterial infection.

If you’re prone to razor rash, wet shaving may seem daunting. But in some instances, for example if your job requires you to shave, or if you need to smarten up for a special occasion, it’s unavoidable. If you’re aware of these tips and techniques, however, it’s possible to drastically reduce your chances of suffering razor rash when wet shaving.

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