KDE Plasma 5.16 Released, This is What’s New - Lots of new eye candy!

Months in the making, and hyped more than any other release in memory, Plasma 5.16 is finally here!

So what’s new? Well, what isn’t!? Plasma 5.16 is chock-full of changes, improvements and little flourishes that, together, create an impressive whole.

KDE devs say they “…worked hard to polish Plasma to a high gloss. The results […] provide a more consistent experience and bring new features to all Plasma users.”

See some of the changes at #^https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2019/06/kde-plasma-5-16-features-upgrade

#^KDE Plasma 5.16 Released, This is What's New - OMG! Ubuntu!


KDE Plasma 5.16 is here with a raft of new features and changes. We highlight what's new and show you how to upgrade to Plasma 5.16 on Ubuntu.

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