I just installed solar panels because now’s the time in the US as price reductions lose momentum and subsidies reduce from 2020

OK I don't live in the US but I am busy with my second solar installation here in South Africa. The downside in South Africa is zero government subsidy towards solar installations but the cost benefits still work out for me over 5 years or so in savings on electricity and no impact from grid outages due to periodic load shedding.

The lesson for me was starting too small and realising that upgrading is not easy as you should not mix battery ages, a 12V system may have to become a 48V system, etc. So mine has been a full rip out and replace.

But if you are in the US you may seriously want to consider installing before the end of 2019 - see #^https://www.theverge.com/2019/7/5/20679189/solar-panel-price-incentive-federal-tax-credit-2019

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#^I just installed solar panels because now’s the time


Save the planet, save money, but maybe act soon

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