Much like a previous US President did not understand the meaning of "sexual relations" like the rest of us, it seems Facebook's understanding of Privacy is just broken, and they'll "do better next time" and the time after that and after that...

We can blame regulators but should we as consumers not blame Facebook and just take our business elsewhere? We can say all our friends are on Facebook, but by us all staying there we ar4e exposing each other's information all the time. Yes, there are alternative sites (no not Instagram and Whatsapp by Facebook) that put privacy first. There is MeWe, YouMe Social, Signal, Telegram, Diaspora, and many others where privacy or sale of information is not even partially considered.

I've made my breakout from Facebook over a year ago and am still alive, still hear from my family and friends. Its the old Catch-22 no-one moves because we are all in one place. My philosophy is to create a presence elsewhere so that friends and family can find you there and move. If they don't want to follow me, I question their commitment to my friendship and privacy. I pick up new friends and contacts elsewhere based on real common interests... has anyone ever noticed that all their friends don't necessarily share the same passions and hobbies?

Facebook has just got too big, too comfortable, too non-accountable and only we as their consumers can make any difference. It's up to you and me to make decisions where we can control our own outcomes... or of course to sit and do nothing (that is also a decision we make).

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#^Facebook let contractors listen to audio recordings from users


They reportedly included "vulgar content."

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