An open-source ventilator design by MIT researchers has been submitted for fast-track approval - automatically compresses widely available bag valve masks

The motorized device automatically compresses widely available bag valve masks, the sort of manual resuscitator used by ambulance crews to assist patients with breathing problems. The designs could arrive as a growing number of engineers, medical students, and hobbyists attempt to build or share specifications for makeshift respirators—of unknown quality and safety—amid rising fears of widespread shortages as the coronavirus epidemic escalates.

The team recently launched a website unveiling the MIT Emergency Ventilator Project, or E-Vent, which states they’ve submitted the device to the Food and Drug Administration for rapid review under an “Emergency Use Authorization.” Last week, MIT Technology Review was informed the team intended to test the devices on pigs in recent days, though it’s unclear what the results were at this stage.

There are actually numerous different open source designs for ventilators being released and the challenge really is choosing which could be most suitable and what testing it has actually undergone. Only a few days back we saw another one being tested and applying for approval in Ireland.

See An open-source ventilator design has been submitted for fast-track approval

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The MIT team hopes the device could help save COVID-19 patients, as the escalating pandemic strains supplies of the machines.

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