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I now have a room for blog comments

Posted on: Sun, 2018-03-11 - 00:22 By: danie screenshot

I have created a dedicated room on at where my blog posts will also be appearing, and anyone can comment or post there. is an opensource alternative to Slack, and can also be used for team / company chats, communication, voice calls, file sharing, etc.

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Viewport settings for mobile devices

Posted on: Tue, 2018-01-09 - 16:46 By: danie

I have set Viewport settings on my site for mobile devices so hope this will improve page scaling and rendering for mobile devices.

Note though that images are rendered to fit on the screens, so if you are viewing in portrait mode and the photo is a landscape photo, it may appear a bit skewed or squashed to fit. What I find works well for this (as a workaround unless I can find a better solution) is to rotate the mobile device to landscape mode which renders the photo fine.  I will anyway try and use a squarer format for photos in future which should render much better.

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Home Assistant Page Created 8 Jan 2018

Posted on: Mon, 2018-01-08 - 18:32 By: danie

I've created the page at to follow my journey as a newbie in setting up and configuring Home Assistant to work. I've got as far as the basic set up and editing of config files. I'm currently exploring how Groups work (creates changes to the layout view) before I move onto adding more specific devices.

Currently, I have my weather station, Fitbit, Efergy energy monitor, monitoring what phones are at home/away all working.

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Solar Page rebuilt 1 Jan 2018

Posted on: Mon, 2018-01-01 - 15:35 By: danie

For some odd reason, I noticed yesterday that this whole page had disappeared along with the video module (that displays embedded video for that page) was disabled. Yet the original static picture image was in its upload directory. Also, all my cPanel backup files had disappeared.... Yet the other recent additions all seemed to be in place. So I have rebuilt that page and it is back at

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Site updates and two RSS feeds

Posted on: Sun, 2017-12-31 - 23:47 By: danie

The menu now shows an option (far right) to see site related news (such as this!). There are now two RSS feeds that can be subscribed to for up to date news on either all my blog posts or the site news. There are links to both feeds at the bottom of the My Blog and Site Updates pages. The sidebar on the right of each page has an RSS subscribe button for the blog posts.

The Follow Me box on the right sidebar has also had its links converted to buttons.

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