Warden is an open source app from the developer of Aurora Store that lets you disable trackers/loggers on Rooted Android phones

The Warden App Manager uses a static list of trackers and loggers compiled by French non-profit Exodus Privacy. It reads the dex (Dalvik Executable) files within each app installed on your phone to see if any of the class names match a known tracker or logger from the aforementioned list. Loggers, in this context, means “all utilities which are used to log user activity on an app or logcat in general.” WhyOrean notes that not all loggers are evil and some might be used to log users’ activities for various (legitimate) purposes. However, there are a few logging tools “like ACRA, xLog” that are powerful tools that can “send user data to devs without user’s consent.”

Besides offering an insight into pesky trackers, Warden comes with a “De-Bloater” and “Nuke it!” mode, both of which require root access.

See Warden is an open source app that lets you disable trackers and loggers

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Warden is an open source app that lets you identify apps with trackers and loggers and also disabling or uninstalling them.

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