A 5-hour-long Unreal Engine 5 Beginner Tutorial – Makes you want to create your own 3D virtual world and explore it

The Unreal Engine is used to create those vast virtual open worlds for games (and anything else). Version 5 especially is a thing of real beauty and detail (as the intro to the video shows).

It’s a lengthy tutorial, but does take you through all the beginner steps to get going and create your world. It’s a great tool to unleash unlimited creativity, whether for a game, or to share with friends, or to have a place to escape to that is better than the real world.

It’s completely free to use (until you exceed $1 million in gross revenue for a game you’ve published), and there is even multi-user editing, where you can connect multiple instances of Unreal Editor together to work collaboratively in a shared editing session, building a single virtual world together with your teammates and colleagues in real time.


Unreal Engine 5 Beginner Tutorial – UE5 Starter Course!
by Unreal Sensei on YouTube

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