Biggest announcements for me at WWDC 2022 were that iPad now has real drag and drop windows, and the medication tracking feature

Yes I know that many (including one of these features) are playing catch up to what Android has had for while (like a weather app on a tablet, but still no calculator app).

But from an actual usability and usefulness perspective, having real overlapping and movable windows will give the iPad a real boost (I never really went for side by side view, which felt clunky).

The new medications app will let users add any drugs they take by either scanning a label on a medication bottle or searching through a list of medicines. People can create custom schedules for each drug they are taking and receive alerts to remind them when it’s time to take one. In the United States, the app will also alert users if there are any dangerous interactions between the drugs that they take.

So no, the medication app is not just a collection of glorified alarm settings… Again it is good to see Apple consistently improving health features on iOS (after all, that was one of the main reasons why I moved from Android back to iOS).

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