Discontinued Disqus and May be Moving hosting again – 23 Sep 2020

Due to concerns about tracking and privacy I decided to deactivate the Disqus comments. They were super convenient (seeing I did not have to handle registrations and spam) but they embed trackers and there are issues with them. I don’t have funding to pay for a similar externally managed privacy service, so I’m back to no comments for now below posts. I could reactivate Drupal’s own commenting system but that means lots of time vetting registrations and spam again, so I’m not keen on that right now.

I have been with the current hosting company about 4 months, which was a pretty seamless move, but I’m having lots of challenges with patching and updates to my website (which stopped working since I moved to this hosting), so I’ll likely be moving my hosting by the end of September back to a Digital Ocean VPS. It’s going to be some hard work to export and import everything and set up the sub-domains and SSL certificates again. There may be a few hours of downtime but I am hoping to really minimise that as much as possible. But back on my VPS I can at least again run anything I need to and have full flexibility over permissions etc.

Regardless the domain name https://gadgeteer.co.za remains the same and all links will be working as before, as soon as the migration completes.

Sometimes you try things that you hope will be better, but you have to also know when to quit and go back to where you were before 😉