Don’t get scammed this holiday season by online phishing, social engineering or other scams: Here are 97 tips from SABRIC to combat such crimes

I’ve noticed the last few weeks my webpage about checking whether a phone is stolen or not, has really been trending. Clearly people are worried about being scammed, and especially around those “I’m making an instant EFT payment to you” and similar moves. When it comes to online ordering and marketplaces (yes, looking at you Facebook Marketplace), no-one is your friend.

It’s very real, and my own daughter has been scammed twice (once when I was present and even checking the item, which was the topic of a previous post).

So these tips by SABRIC (The South African Banking Risk Information Centre) should be mandatory reading for anyone intending to respond to online offers. They also have a link to an excellent slideshow that businesses may want to distribute to their employees.


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