Facebook rated the least safe e-commerce option in government rankings – Singapore’s safety scheme measures scam-combatting capability

A newly implemented e-commerce rating system in the city-state of Singapore has rated Facebook’s Marketplace as the least trustworthy e-commerce platform, behind Amazon and its Alibaba-owned Asian analogue Lazada. The ratings system, known as the E-commerce Marketplace Transaction Safety Ratings (TSR) [PDF], was launched on May 14th by the Inter-Ministry Committee on Scams (IMCS).

From personal experience, my own daughter has been defrauded twice via Facebook Marketplace. My own dealings with Amazon have not been bad, as they at least have a call centre which sorts things out for you. On Facebook’s side, they have zero interest in sorting anything out, as it is mostly user to user sales. Locally we also have a marketplace called Bid or Buy, and they can act as the middle-person by accepting the client payment, you dispatch the goods, and then withdraw the funds from them if the buyer has received them in order. This has worked very well for me, as it also assures me that an actual payment has been made. I’d happily part with a small percentage for this service, as it gives the buyer some peace of mind too.

See https://www.theregister.com/2022/05/17/facebook_rated_least_safe_ecommerce/

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