Fewer Trackers Now – Google Analytics Has Been Deleted From The Site – 28 Sep 2020

Along with removing Disqus Commenting and now Google Analytics, my site is way cleaner of trackers and 3rd party cookie monitoring. See from https://themarkup.org/blacklight?url=gadgeteer.co.za where I had over 30 before it is right down to 1 ad tracker and two 3rd party cookies. The culprits now are mainly the Twitter module to display my latest tweets (and likely the option for visitors to subscribe to my Tweets) and StatCounter.

I have now installed local AwStats for page visit popularity etc, so I’ll probably also be disabling StatCounter very soon. It is interesting that AwStats show way higher visitor numbers which it reads from the server log files, mainly because so many people already block Google and other 3rd party cookies.