7 Electric Bus and Truck News Stories which show adoption in these sectors for Environmentally Friendly Transport

I don't post as much as I did before about electric vehicles as the future is pretty well much decided that its going battery electric - it's just a matter now of when and where, but this is a nice article rounding up a collection of stories of movements in the bus and trucking sectors. They make a lot of sense as the routes are known and I suspect the broader take-up will happen in these two sectors before end-owner vehicles go mass adoption.

See 7 Bonus Electric Bus & Truck News Stories

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Following our end-of-month 7 bonus electric car & SUV stories, 5 bonus battery stories, and 7 bonus solar + storage stories, here are 7 bonus electric bus & electric truck stories that we didn't have time to cover as standalone articles but didn't want to skip completely.

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