Andile Ngcaba, president of the FTTx Council Africa, urges embracing open source by the fibre industry

Ngcaba was speaking about the future of the industry and how to be part of it, pointing out that modern businesses are being built on open source, while modern telcos are going to be built on open source. He told delegates that those that have been in the industry for some time, know first-hand how the open-source community changed the classic IT environment.

Looking at the history of the development of standards, including standard-making bodies, they are from the International Telecommunication Union, IEEE, 3GPP and 5G-PPP, to name a few. There are now new kids on the block who are influencing the development of this industry, said Ngcaba.

My personal view is that embracing open-source software can inject life and innovation into local businesses (through services), it stems the flow of currency out of a country, and it reduces vendor lock-in and foreign dependencies.


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#^Andile Ngcaba urges embracing open source


The FTTx Council president says a data-driven environment requires fibre players and stakeholders to adopt open source architecture in designing and building networks.

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