App Outlet is a ‘Universal Linux App Store’ for Your Desktop

With various different Linux app stores and formats around it be hard to find the app you want in the format you want, when you want it. Seek a Snap? You check the; prefer Flatpak? You forage on Flathub; angling for an AppImage? You, er, hope you come across one in the /releases page on Github?

App Outlet is a new desktop Linux app that, like the Linux App Store website, lets you search, browse and install software distributed via the Snap store, Flatpak’s Flathub, and AppImage from one place. The app sports a clean homepage showcasing popular, recently updated, and new apps from the various store. There’s a search bar for finding packages by name or keyword, and an incredibly extensive set of categories.

But although very easy to use it come nowhere near to the number of actual apps in the various distro repos so if you don't find what you are looking for in here it's still a good idea to use the actual distro repos.


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#^App Outlet is a 'Universal Linux App Store' for Your Desktop - OMG! Ubuntu!


App Outlet is a desktop Linux app that lets users search for and install software available on the Snap store, Flathub, or distributed as an AppImage.

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