Epic Games Officially Announces Easy Anti-Cheat For Linux - Including Wine/Proton

Date Published: Thu, 23 Sep 2021 23:15:00 +0200

Not too surprising given the Steam Deck is inching closer towards release and we've known Valve has been working to improve the anti-cheat situation for games on Linux, but today EAC owner Epic Games officially announced Easy Anti-Cheat for both Linux and macOS.

Easy Anti-Cheat is one of the popular anti-cheating solutions used by a number of Windows games. Epic Games is now making EAC available for Linux and macOS. Plus they are also making it supported under Wine/Proton too.

See Epic Games Announces Easy Anti-Cheat For Linux - Including Wine/Proton

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Phoronix is the leading technology website for Linux hardware reviews, open-source news, Linux benchmarks, open-source benchmarks, and computer hardware tests.

JingPad Review: A Real Linux ATM based tablet with 11" AMOLED screen, detachable keyboard and stylus running JingOS for about $899 (free international shipping)

Date Published: Thu, 23 Sep 2021 15:21:26 +0200

The JingOS will immediately remind you of iOS or Deepin OS, and it looks like JingOS is using Ubuntu as it's base OS with KDE Plasma. There is absolutely zero wrong with that as they have themed it very nicely even though it is still an alpha release. You could also install any other Linux on it that will run on ARM.

JingPad has a Unisoc Tiger T7510 ARM chip with 8 GB of RAM and comes with a 8000 mAh battery (up to 10 hours of battery life is claimed). There is a 16 MP back camera for taking pictures and 8 MP front camera for video calls and online meetings. Storage is 256 GB UMCP storage, which can be expanded by MicroSD of 512 GB in size.

As per the roadmap of JingOS, there are plans for adding Android compatibility. This means you should be able to install Android or Android based ROM/distributions.

See JingPad Review: A Real Linux Tab for True Linux Fans

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JingPad aims to make the world's first consumer-level Linux tablet. Does it succeed? Read the review of JingPad A1 with JingOS alpha version.

Google ARCore: Everything you need to know about the Augmented Reality platform from Android that does not require special hardware sensors

Date Published: Thu, 23 Sep 2021 14:04:17 +0200

Augmented reality, commonly known as AR, when used properly, can potentially be life-changing technology, but no tech company has yet managed to master it. Apple has taken the approach of using dedicated hardware, such as the LiDAR scanner included in iPads and iPhones, while other companies, like Google, are pulling everything off through software only. We’re definitely getting closer to perfect AR, however, and Google is one of the companies leading the pack, with their augmented reality SDK and technology, which is dubbed ‘ARCore’.

But what’s ARCore all about? What phones are supported? Most importantly, should you even care about ARCore at all?

See Google ARCore: What is it? How does it work? What devices does it support?

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ARCore is a pretty cool technology that allows for augmented reality wizardry on any Android phone. Learn more about it here!

Some good Backup Tools to consider on Linux

Date Published: Thu, 23 Sep 2021 13:49:32 +0200

Timeshift is intended more for system snapshots, and Clonezilla more for whole disk imaging, but the others are all for general data backup. They don't cover LuckyBackup, which is almost identical to Grsync, and it's worth noting that LuckyBackup has a built-in cron option to schedule the backups. Personally, I'm using LuckyBackup and Timeshift.

UrBackup could be useful to help manage multiple Linux, Windows, etc machines all backing up to centralised storage.

See Which local Backup Tool is the best on Linux? – VITUX

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There are several backup utilities available for Linux. Some of them are based on bash scripts and others are properly crafted open-source software. The problem comes when nothing is available in a default installation. I am a Debian user and I have some preferences to use certain backup utilities to keep my data safe. In this guide, I will help...

FiberSense: Fiber optic cable that can sense it's about to be dug up and send a warning, or measure earthquakes or even leaky pipes

Date Published: Thu, 23 Sep 2021 13:14:38 +0200

"Vibration and sound all modulate strain in fiber," Englund explained, adding that even deeply buried fibers react to vibrations and sound. FiberSense has figured out how to measure changes in a fiber and deduce what made them.

The company can therefore detect things like passing traffic with sufficient accuracy to determine the difference between a truck and a cyclist, speed of travel, and even what lane a vehicle used. Leaky pipes can also be sensed, as can the geotechnical profile of spoil beneath fibers. Backhoes and jackhammers are easy.

At sea, FiberSense can detect an anchor dragging behind a ship – which matters when those anchors are about to pass over a submarine cable (as recently happened off the Australian city of Perth, resulting in a cable cut, a subsequent outage, and the arrest of the errant ship's skipper).

This is not just a vision thing: FiberSense is already present in several Australian cities, plus London, Dublin, San Francisco, New York, and Singapore.

See Fiber optic cables used as vibration sensors challenge IoT

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Forget wiring cities with IoT devices – this could be how wide-scale sensing gets done

Bash Scripting – Functions Explained With Examples

Date Published: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 19:22:47 +0200

In Bash shell scripting, functions are ways to group the set of instructions together to get a specific outcome. You can think of functions as a mini script. Functions are also called procedures and methods in some programming languages. Functions are a great way to achieve modularity and reusability. And especially so if you define your functions in one script file, and import those into other script files. This is similar to import statements in python, include statements in C, etc.

See Bash Scripting - Functions Explained With Examples - OSTechNix

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This guide explains what are Bash functions and how to define and call a function in Bash scripts with examples.

You Need to Supercharge Safari by Enabling Extensions for iOS 15 or iPadOS15

Date Published: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 19:20:18 +0200

There’s a new tab bar, a fresh Start Page, and support for Safari extensions. Browser extensions are a huge part of the desktop browsing experience, but these remain much rarer on mobile platforms. The Safari extension ecosystem on Mac isn’t anywhere near as good as on Google Chrome or Firefox, but with this feature rolling out on iPhone and iPad, the popularity of these add-ons could be huge on mobile.

See You Need to Supercharge Safari by Enabling Extensions

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You can now enhance the Safari experience using iOS 15 or iPadOS 15.

AllTrails and Wikiloc are two good global hiking trails apps for Android and iOS

Date Published: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 16:09:37 +0200

A criteria I always find key for hiking trails, is how many are actually present in my own city of Cape Town, especially the smaller off-the-beaten-track trails. Both of these apps cover a good many of those, with AllTrails coming out a bit ahead though for my city.
Although most hiking trail apps offer free apps, there is usually a pro paid version for additional extras like ad-free, offline maps, alerts to going off-route, live tracking/sharing, etc. In this regard, AllTrails is a bit costlier at $30 per annum whilst Wikilocs is around $10 pa (with shorter period options too).

AllTrails does also offer slightly more in terms of search options around difficulty, length, elevation gain, time, route type (loop, out and back, point to point), star rating, activity type, attractions (e.g. cave, forest, historic site, waterfall, etc), suitability (e.g. dog friendly, wheelchair friendly, stroller friendly, etc), and trail traffic. Wikiloc is really only by activity type, distance, elevation, difficulty, loop trails (Y/N), how long ago recorded, and month recorded. Unique to Wikiloc is a "passing through" area search to get trails that will pass through a specific area.

GAIA GPS is also a popular app but firstly not many local hiking trails for me, and it's $36 pa full membership is just a bit pricey for me. All three mentioned also work with Apple Watch, and I used my Watch to monitor our route progress with AllTrails.
Cairn has an interesting option that also maps crowdsourced cellphone reception areas, which is useful to know what sections of your trail will have reception. You'd think they'd all have this.

See AllTrails: Trail Guides & Maps for Hiking, Camping, and Running | AllTrails

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Search over 200,000 trails with trail info, maps, detailed reviews, and photos curated by millions of hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you.

How to do systemd journal maintenance on Linux to save space with log files

Date Published: Tue, 21 Sep 2021 10:07:46 +0200

Systemd comes with many built-in features to manage the system logs. In this guide, they explain how you can manage system journals, logs and take action on them such as rotating, archiving, and clear logs. They also explain the manual systems journal clean method and using config file changes.

If your Linux distribution supports systemd, then it collects logs from all processes, applications of the system every second which starts from the boot. All these logging events are managed by journald daemon of systemd. The journald collects all the logs (info, warnings, errors, etc) and stores them as binary data in the disk files.

As the logs remain in the disk and every second it is collected, it takes up huge disk space; especially for older systems, and end up otherwise being GBs in size.

See A Guide to systemd journal clean up process [With Examples]

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Systemd comes with many built-in features to manage the system logs. In this guide, we explain how you can manage system journals, logs and take action on them such as rotating, archiving, and clear logs. We also explain the manual systems journal clean method and using config file changes. If your Linux distribution supports systemd,...

Pensela: An Open-Source Tool for Windows and Linux which is Tailored for Screen Annotations and Streaming/Screencasting

Date Published: Mon, 20 Sep 2021 21:42:09 +0200

You may have come across several screenshot tools available for Linux. However, a dedicated screen annotation tool along with the ability to take screenshots? And, with cross-platform support (macOS coming)? Well, that sounds even better!

It focusses more on screen annotations than screenshots (only does full screen screenshots). Apart from the usual, there are shapes and stickers that can be moved and have colour changes. You can use the annotations live and toggle them off when needed for streaming/screencasting.

See Pensela: An Open-Source Tool Tailored for Screen Annotations - It's FOSS

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Pensela is an interesting screen annotation tool available cross-platform. Let us take a closer look at it.

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