The Huawei Watch GT 2 has 2-week battery life but has LiteOS instead of Android Wear OS

Date Published: Thu, 19 Sep 2019 23:37:17 +0200

Just like the original, Huawei is saying the Huawei Watch GT 2 can give you 2-weeks of battery while using features such as GPS and heart rate monitoring every 10 minutes. A new feature for the second generation watch is Bluetooth calling, which allows you to takes calls from up to 150m away from your phone. You can get 10 hours of battery life with Bluetooth calling. The Huawei Watch GT 2 can also monitor the wearer’s heart rate, daily sleep cycles, and various other attributes.

The battery life is seriously usable (for me anything over 1 week is good) but the caution from my perspective is the non-Wear OS which means you lose out on a big known ecosystem of watch apps. LiteOS does now allow custom watch faces but the question is what is available if Watchmaker does not support it (WAtchmaker supports Wear OS, iOS, Tizen). It could mean you are dependent on how many people are designing for LiteOS faces. In addition to that, I would consider what app notifications I need to interact with on my watch.

I love the round face but for any new watch purchase anyone wants to make, I'd suggest drawing up a list of specific features the watch is expected to have and eliminate for them there. We are not yet where we need to be for expensive smartwatches and most of the shortcomings lie around the battery life in terms of charge capacity but also longevity. These smartwatches do not seem to be designed for drop-in battery replacement like the mechanical watches were.


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#^The Huawei Watch GT 2 has 2-week battery life and comes in 2 sizes


The Huawei Watch GT 2 builds upon the original and offers more design options to choose from. It still brings 2 weeks of battery life to your wrist.

How to easily install Chrome OS on a Raspberry Pi 3 with FydeOS and turn it into a cheap Chromebook computer

Date Published: Thu, 19 Sep 2019 19:19:50 +0200

Fancy a look at Chrome OS without spending money on a new computer? Wondering if a cloud operating system might improve the Raspberry Pi’s performance as a productivity tool? Wonder no more — it’s possible to install Chrome OS on the $50 computer and find out how well it runs. Chrome OS offers something different: cloud computing. The relatively low specification of the Raspberry Pi makes it ideal for Chrome OS. The operating system is designed to run most of its software as web apps, relying on servers for the processing. Almost all Chrome OS apps will run on the Raspberry Pi.


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#^How to Use Chrome OS on a Raspberry Pi


Can't afford a Chromebook? Looking for an alternative to Raspbian? Here's how to install a version of Chrome OS on your Raspberry Pi.

Wire, Mozilla, Cisco, Facebook, Google, INRIA, and Twitter are collaborating towards an enterprise open standards secure messaging protocol called MLS

Date Published: Thu, 19 Sep 2019 15:10:19 +0200

As the world moves toward end-to-end encryption for personal messaging platforms, businesses are challenged to integrate the same level of security in corporate messaging apps.

Even encryption protocols for person-to-person messaging are still undergoing development. Services want to reduce the amount of sensitive data they store; however, only a few encryption protocols – Signal, for one – have been scrutinized for security.

"In the consumer space there are a few services with end-to-end encryption but in the business space it's very rare," says Raphael Robert, head of security at Wire, which launched in 2014 as a secure messenger primarily built for consumers. Since then, it has repositioned itself to build a secure business collaboration system. Wire is currently in the midst of working to develop Messaging Layer Security (MLS), a new protocol designed to facilitate more secure enterprise messaging platforms.

End-to-end encryption is supposed to exclude any man-in-the-middle attacks or interception at the servers (if implemented properly) but has only been implemented within the walled gardens of individual services, and sometimes not very well when it comes to groups of users. Between different services the encryption cannot work if both/all the services don't support it fully. This is why up to today e-mails are in open text when traversing between services. If a Whatsapp user wants to securely message two other users each on say Signal and Telegram, then all three services must support that same protocol. Many service providers will want to retain full control over their own walled garden and may resist efforts to allow us to exchange messages between services (that would mean too that you could migrate to a different service provider with client software that is more appealing to you). For those who do not want to put their users first, we as consumers should not be supporting.

Right now I can be on email system A and send a message to someone on email system B. I should be able to do the same with instant messaging, in a secure manner. MLS is addressing this (including encryption of the metadata) as an open standard that any messaging service can support.

Ahead of his talk at BlackHat 2019, Raphael Robert was interviewed by Dark Reading on the direction of MLS and why it is important to the industry – providing good reading for understanding why MLS is fundamental to the change the corporate work environment is undergoing. Read that interview at The draft protocol can be found at

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#^Inside MLS, the New Protocol for Secure Enterprise Messaging


As personal messaging platforms see the rise of end-to-end encryption, businesses struggle to provide strong levels of security.

Land Cruiser conversion by Electric GT disguises electric motor as a drop-in “V8 engine”

Date Published: Thu, 19 Sep 2019 11:23:28 +0200

The idea is that by creating a modular kit that can be altered to fit engine bays of just about any classic car by 3D scanning the bay and making a motor kit that mimics the size and shape of the original engine. End result: a 4×4 electric motor that can be dropped into the engine bay in exactly the same place as the original, and even looks to a certain extent like the original. This means that the conversion doesn’t have to replace other components, such as the original 4WD drivetrain and transmission.


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#^Land Cruiser conversion disguises electric motor as "V8 engine" | The Driven


California-based electric vehicle conversion outfit Electric GT is on a mission to make EV conversion kits for owners of classic vehicles easier.

MTN fixed-LTE crushes Telkom in South Africa - 100GB Anytime Data for R599pm vs Telkom R759pm

Date Published: Thu, 19 Sep 2019 10:37:47 +0200

Fixed LTE is ideal for users living in areas without fibre and where ADSL is either being phased out or who need faster speeds than ADSL reliably provides. Fixed LTE will get you about 20-40 Mbps speed. If you have coverage it is quick and easy to get going (be wary of signing 24-month contracts though as you could get fibre at any time).

Not only is MTN cheaper than Telkom but sorry to say, their service when anything goes wrong can only be better than Telkom's. From my past experience with Telkom's inflexibility with changes to contracts (they wanted to charge me to upgrade) I'd be interested to see if MTN is also not a bit more flexible.


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#^MTN fixed-LTE crushes Telkom


MTN’s new fixed-LTE products available through Supersonic crush competing packages from Telkom.

DxOMark expands already extensive camera image quality tests with new tests focused on evaluating the latest gadgets’ night modes and ultra-wide-angle lenses

Date Published: Wed, 18 Sep 2019 21:34:22 +0200

Sure, you could take Apple’s word for it that the new iPhone’s cameras are amazing — or you could let some obsessive pixel-peepers perform some (mostly) objective tests and really get into the nitty-gritty. Pixel peepers in extraordinary DxOMark are here to help, with new tests focused on evaluating the latest gadgets’ night modes and ultra-wide-angle lenses.

Night shots are graded on detail, noise, color reproduction — the kinds of things that tend to be lost in low light. Wide-angle shots are graded on distortion, detail throughout the frame and chromatic aberration — all difficult to correct for.

If a smartphone's camera is a key deciding point for you when choosing a new smartphone then you want to have a look at the scoring and ratings for objective comparisons and comments before deciding.


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#^DxOMark’s night and wide-angle camera tests push today’s smartphones to their limits – TechCrunch


Sure, you could take Apple’s word for it that the new iPhone’s cameras are amazing — or you could let some obsessive pixel-peepers perform some (mostly) objective tests and really get into the nitty-gritty. Pixel peepers in extraordinary DxOMark are here to help, with new tests focused …

The London Underground's secret stations have been revealed in this map - Amazing to see the bits of the Underground that are no longer in use

Date Published: Wed, 18 Sep 2019 19:35:14 +0200

The Underground is an ever-evolving system with many stations being demolished, abandoned and relocated. These are known as ‘Ghost stations’ and there are a lot of them. Thankfully for us, Us Versus Them used Dylan Maryk’s work to plot all these ex-stations on a map and it has a beautiful but eerie quality to it.

I'm wondering when the number of ghost stations (just under 50 currently) will outnumber working stations as it looks like the number is growing.


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#^The London Underground's secret stations have been revealed in this map


Amazing to see the bits of the Underground that are not longer in use

Popular Ad Blockers AdBlock and uBlocker Deemed 'Fake' - Check The Names Carefully Of Which Extensions You Install

Date Published: Wed, 18 Sep 2019 19:25:28 +0200

The team behind AdGuard, a real ad-block extension for browsers, reported in a blog post this week that two popular ad-blocking extensions found on the Google Chrome Web Store are, in fact, completely fake, despite being used by millions of users.

The two extensions called AdBlock by AdBlock Inc. and uBlock by Charlie Lee, also mislead users by mimicking names of two real ad-blocking extensions, as well as the names of the developers behind those extensions. Users have reported these extensions as fake, but Google has seemingly yet to take action.

The ones you want to be using are uBlock Origin by Raymond Hill and/or Privacy Badger by EFF Technologists. We need to be careful with 3rd party extensions as they are often a way in through the backdoor of browser security,


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#^Extensions Masquerading as AdBlock and uBlocker Outed as 'Fake'


AdGuard revealed that two of the most popular ad blocking extensions on the Chrome Web Store are fake.

New (4-year old actually) C-Ion battery technology by ZapGo to charge an EV 100 times faster

Date Published: Wed, 18 Sep 2019 17:18:19 +0200

It's not actually new news as this has been announced around 2016 already but I see I never covered it. Obviously, if this technology actually goes live it will disrupt the EV market as well as the mobile phone market (where it is currently aimed at). Depending on the cost it could be the catalyst that brings on the end of ICE vehicles way sooner than anticipated.

Zap&Go’s C-Ion cell is intended to combine the power density of supercapacitors and the energy density of rechargeable batteries. The C-Ion cells work in a very similar way to electrical double-layer capacitors (EDLCs)—also known as supercapacitors or ultracapacitors. The technology has been developed in Oxford in the UK, to charge an EV in 35 seconds and providing a 350-mile (500 km) range, comparable to traditional combustion engine vehicles. The battery has solid-state carbon-ion cells and contains no lithium or cobalt, ensuring relative lower cost and safety. Using only an advanced form of carbon combined with a new type of ionic electrolyte, C-Ion cells cannot catch fire because there is nothing inside that will burn, while the ionic electrolytes act as a fire suppressant. The advanced materials inside can also be recycled at the end of life.

See and further info at

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#^New carbon-ion battery tech to charge an EV 100 times faster


A new carbon-ion battery technology has been developed and is expected to charge an electric vehicle 100 times faster than existing battery technologies.

Pocket Casts is making its podcast app free and launching a subscription service at $10pa for desktop sync and own uploads

Date Published: Wed, 18 Sep 2019 13:30:03 +0200

Existing paid users of the app get the Plus service for free for 3 years (which is decent sweetener) but everyone now gets the basic mobile app for free with discovery, variable speed, silence trim, filters, dark/light theme, playback of individual episodes, and cross-platform sync excluding desktop browser. Both the app and desktop UI have a new fresh look. Pocket Casts Plus includes 10GB of cloud storage for people who want to upload their audio and video content.

I have chiefly been using Pocket Casts paid app for the last few years for their incredibly good sync between mobile and desktop apps. It really works smoothly. I know Player FM (I also pay annually for their subscription service) had introduced a similar syncing with desktop which was a little glitchy back then but may have well all been smoothed out by now. Google Podcasts has also introduced sync to desktop and a really excellent search (includes searching for audio words in episodes) but whilst Google does sync to desktop browser there is no portal page on the browser to view and manage your subscribed podcasts which renders the desktop browser version basically unusable.

Cloud sync on listening progress does cost a bit for the provider as it has to sync continuously and both Player FM and Pocket Casts charge the same $10pa so it may come down to the finer detail between the two. But a decent podcast player is worth paying something for, considering the time you save by syncing, variable speed, trimming silences, etc. Podcasting is also getting more popular so expect more competition and you may need to be prepared to switch providers as things change.


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#^Pocket Casts is making its podcast app free and launching a subscription service


$0.99 a month for cloud storage.

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