30 Incredibly realistic details in Red Dead Redemption 2 which shows off the level of technical sophistication in today's game simulations

Date Published: Sun, 13 Jun 2021 21:49:29 +0200

I've seen previously the details that went into just the horses to make their movements and behaviour so realistic, let alone the graphics quality. But this video now also shows off some incredible finer point details in the actual gameplay.

One only has to wonder what this would all be like in VR. This is the quality of simulation that would be great to see in other simulations, and it looks like we are getting there, judging by this week's trailer for the Avatar game.

Yes it is quite advanced technology and graphics but none of this in this video would have existed without the human creators paying such fine attention to everyday ordinary details.

It's a game I bought a year ago on a special, and I am saving up time to really play it properly at some point and really appreciate it.

See 30 More INCREDIBLY REALISTIC Details in Red Dead Redemption 2

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Organic Maps is an open source privacy respecting Android & iOS offline maps app based on OpenStreetMap data

Date Published: Sun, 13 Jun 2021 16:54:55 +0200

Organic Maps is pure and organic, made with love: Respects your privacy, saves your battery, and has no unexpected mobile data charges.

Organic Maps is free from trackers and other bad stuff:
* No ads
* No tracking
* No data collection
* No phoning home
* No annoying registration
* No mandatory tutorials
* No noisy email spam
* No push notifications
* No crapware

See Organic Maps

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Fast detailed offline maps for travelers, tourists, hikers and cyclists curated with love by MAPS.ME founders

10 useful smartphone gadgets — from microscopes to haptic sneakers

Date Published: Sun, 13 Jun 2021 16:20:32 +0200

A breakdown of what the article covers:
* An AI controlled videoing assistant for when you don't have a dedicated camera person
* A laptop shell with a functional full HD touch display, keyboard, and touchpad that is powered by plugging in an Android phone
* A natural wood horn speaker that amplifies your smartphone’s sound
* An adaptor to let wired headphones connect to the USB/Lightning port on Android and iPhones
* A handy smart sports ring that comes with a joystick which allows you to control various functions on your smartphone or other connected Bluetooth devices from your finger
* Clip-on lens for camera
* Clip-on microscope
* A powerful but compact soft LED light with a clamp for easily attaching to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop
* A gamepad for Android and iOS snaps onto the back and sides of your smartphone
* Haptic sneakers are designed to provide a “full body sound experience” with 360-degree vibrations around the foot (really?)

See 10 useful smartphone gadgets — from microscopes to haptic sneakers

#technology #gadgets #smartphones

From attachable camera lenses to gamepad controllers, there is a myriad of strange and useful gadgets available for your smartphone.

Driving Electric Cars Is Much Better For Climate & Air Quality Than Driving Gas Cars - Measured Source-To-Usage In The USA

Date Published: Sun, 13 Jun 2021 13:07:32 +0200

To compare the climate-changing emissions from electric vehicles to gasoline-powered cars, they analyzed all the emissions from fueling and driving both types of vehicles. For a gasoline car, that meant looking at emissions from extracting crude oil from the ground, moving the oil to a refinery, making gasoline and transporting gasoline to filling stations, in addition to the tailpipe emissions from combusting the fuel in the engine.

For electric vehicles, the calculation included both power plant emissions and emissions from the production of coal, natural gas and other fuels power plants use.

When looking at all these factors, driving the average EV is responsible for fewer global warming emissions than the average new gasoline car everywhere in the US. In some parts of the country, driving the average new gasoline car will produce 4 to 8 times the emissions of the average EV.

See Driving Electric Cars Is Much Better For Climate & Air Quality Than Driving Gas Cars

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Courtesy of Union Of Concerned Scientists. By David Reichmuth, Senior Engineer, Clean Transportation Program Electric vehicles have a high profile right now, with EVs featuring prominently in the Biden administration’s and Congress’s plans and also important new vehicle announcements from major automakers like Ford. But what are the climate benefits from switching from gasoline to electricity? While it’s obvious that […]

Apple AirTag vs Samsung SmartTag — The best smart tracker for finding stolen items in South Africa

Date Published: Sat, 12 Jun 2021 18:47:40 +0200

It does really boil down to which of the most potential locating devices are circulating in the area. So yes in South Africa (and many non-USA countries) there are more Samsung (and Huawei) devices.

That said, both tag types were effective in being located. Also, worth noting that these work without first having any 3rd party app needing to be intentionally installed in order to locate the lost tag. Having to first intentionally install an app is basically a 'lost' cause.

As an aside it is humorous to note in SA we worry about stolen items, not lost items ;-)

See Apple AirTag vs Samsung SmartTag — The best smart tracker for finding stolen items in South Africa

#technology #airtag #samsung #tracker #lost #southafrica

We tested the Apple AirTag and Galaxy SmartTag to see which would be easier to find if an item it was attached to was stolen. Here is what we found.

Learning how to program with Python can be done with just Raspberry Pi computers

Date Published: Sat, 12 Jun 2021 11:21:47 +0200

"I offered to self-fund a Raspberry Pi and Python programming course in our local public library system. The Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library system accepted my proposal, and the co-central library in Olean, N.Y., offered to fund my program. The library purchased five Raspberry Pi 400 units, Micro-HDMI-to-VGA adapters, and inline power adapters, and the library system's IT department loaned us five VGA monitors."

Which goes to show that innovation and learning can be done without expensive technologies.

See How I teach Python on the Raspberry Pi 400 at the public library

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After a long and tough year, I've been looking forward to once again sharing my love of Python and open source software with other people, especially middle and high school students. Before the pandemic, I co-wrote a grant to teach Python programming to middle school students using Raspberry Pi computers. Like many other plans, COVID-19 put mine on hold for over a year. Fortunately, vaccines and the improved health in my state, New York, have changed the dynamic.

Digital Sovereignty Or Digital Colonialism? Beware The Adoption Of New Tech At A Massive Scale Does Not Create Further Inequality, Exclusion, Or Imposition Of Values And Practices That Are Fo

Date Published: Fri, 11 Jun 2021 15:50:20 +0200

Beyond tensions of privacy and security, we are witnessing today a real confrontation between control and freedom, not only of the individual, but of entire populations and regions, enhanced by technologies and massive collection and analysis of data—from predicting and influencing behaviours, to the automation of public services and the ability to fully control and disrupt those services, even remotely. From gaining access to a global communications platform to losing the ability to protect the rights of those who are interconnected through those platforms. Are we witnessing a new form of digital colonialism?

Several governments rely on communications infrastructure that are completely located in the cloud (i.e., in foreign data centres under foreign-applicable laws). Furthermore, those services are provided under constantly changing terms of use and arbitrary suspension of services. The problem is not only about dependency on a foreign provider or applicable laws to digital data; the problem is also about the absence of public policies to address the issue at all levels. The situation of digital domination, close to colonialism, still fails to fill the top priorities of the global political agenda. Almost forty years after the invention of the Internet, the ability of politicians and social leaders to understand the dimensions of the problem still falls short.

Never before has a small sector had so much power over the entire World, to monitor the present and predict future behaviours of not just individuals, but entire populations. The problem is more alarming when we consider how the public and private sectors are merging in joint ventures in a quest for global domination, penetrating every government, every citizen movement, mediating every action in every connected person’s life through digital devices and data collection.

This article is quite an eye opener on the power of technology to literally sway politics and to create dependencies like we've never seen before. It also lays bare some of the dependencies around the adoption of cloud computing by governments.

See Digital sovereignty or digital colonialism? - Sur - International Journal on Human Rights

#technology #digitalcolonialism #digitalsovereignty #cloudservices #digitaldivide


New tensions of privacy, security and national policies

iOS 4 has been lovingly recreated as an iPhone app

Date Published: Thu, 10 Jun 2021 14:11:31 +0200

iOS 4 originally appeared nearly 10 years ago as Apple’s first mobile operating system to drop the iPhone OS naming convention. An 18-year-old developer has now lovingly recreated iOS 4 as an iPhone app, and it’s a beautiful blast from the past. If you never got the chance to use iOS 4, or you’re a fan of the iPhone 3G, OldOS almost flawlessly pulls off the experience of using an iPhone from a decade ago.

Real pity the beta is full as Apple really limits the numbers on TestFlight.

See iOS 4 has been lovingly recreated as an iPhone app

#apple #ios


All of the key animations and apps work from 10 years ago.

RTFM! How to Read (and Understand) the Fantastic Man Pages in Linux

Date Published: Thu, 10 Jun 2021 14:03:57 +0200

The man pages, short for reference manual pages, are your keys to Linux. Everything you want to know is there – take it all in an run with it.
The collection of documents will never win a Pulitzer prize, but the set is quite accurate and complete. The man pages are the primary source and that authority is well-known.

At first glance, the pages may look incomplete but, believe it or not, the man pages aren’t designed to hide information from you – it’s just that there is so much information that the pages have to be structured and information is given in the most brief form possible. The explanations are rather spartan and they will take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of using them, you’ll see how useful they actually are.

See Understanding man Pages in Linux [Beginner's Guide]

#technology #linux #reference #help #opensource


The man pages, short for reference manual pages, are your keys to Linux. Understanding the man pages could be challenging. This guide will help you.

Relevant again for South Africans if you've still not made a plan: Cheapest backup power options for load-shedding

Date Published: Thu, 10 Jun 2021 12:40:56 +0200

South Africans who cannot afford a fully-fledged backup power system have a range of cheaper options available that can keep certain key appliances powered during load-shedding.

Eskom has warned that load-shedding will likely be necessary throughout winter (and we all know for the next few years actually) and recently implemented stage 4 load-shedding yesterday evening.

If you simply want to keep your Internet working while connecting via battery-powered devices such as a laptop or smartphone, then your best option is a small uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or power bank with a DC port. The power consumption of your Wi-Fi router will be the important factor to consider, and in the case of fibre connections, the optical network terminal (ONT) as well.

Some good cheaper options listed at Cheapest backup power options for load-shedding

#technology #southafrica #loadshedding #UPS #batterybackup

South Africans who cannot afford a fully-fledged backup power system have a range of cheaper options available that can keep certain key appliances powered during load-shedding.

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