Huawei is selling its flagship laptop series MateBook preinstalled with Deepin Linux in China

Date Published: Sat, 14 Sep 2019 14:59:34 +0200

Deepin Linux is also based in China. Keep in mind that Huawei devices are not cheap in terms of pricing. They are, for sure, less expensive than Apple products but they are still high-end gadgets and have been priced accordingly.

For example, the Huawei Matebook 14 Core i5 8GB RAM with 512GB storage is selling for about US$805. But good to see another factory-installed Linux option and I'm hoping it becomes available globally.


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#^Huawei is Now Selling Linux Laptops - It's FOSS


Chinese manufacturer Huawei has been spotted selling its flagship laptop series MateBook preinstalled with Deepin Linux in China. Will it be coming to other countries?

How Many Plays It Takes For An Artist To Earn A Dollar On Each Music Streaming Platform, Visualized

Date Published: Sat, 14 Sep 2019 12:35:55 +0200

Ever since Napster rocked the music industry 20 years ago, recording artists have been struggling to find a way to make money on the internet. Peer-to-peer file sharing slashed the profitability of the recording industry and it took years for them to recover. Finally, on the strength of paid streaming services like Spotify, revenue from music has begun to grow again.

Although it seems very little remember that these platforms have huge audiences. Much of the money today for music sales are actually coming in from music streaming sources. So an artist also needs to consider the pay rate along with the audience size. If you are a music fan of an artist you may also want to keep playing their music.


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#^How Many Plays It Takes For An Artist To Earn A Dollar On Each Music Streaming Platform, Visualized - Digg


Ironically, artists may want to head back to... Napster?

This Solar Panel-Like Device Can Generate Electricity In The Dark - Not Much Power Now But Promising Research

Date Published: Sat, 14 Sep 2019 11:51:32 +0200

Raman’s findings were published in the journal Joule today. His device — made from easy-to-find materials including Styrofoam and off-the-shelf aluminium parts — takes advantage of radiative cooling, the process that allows objects to release heat after the Sun sets.

The top portion of the device cools down more quickly than the bottom, allowing it to turn the temperature swing into electricity with the help of a thermoelectric generator.

So yes it generates very little power now but shows where research is going (and this is way lower cost than solar PVs). We should remember too that the first solar panels themselves generated very little power and it took a decade or more for them to become really commercially viable. It took another decade or more before prices fell for us to afford them at home so any idea like this will take time to see if it works out.


#^This solar panel-like device can generate electricity in the dark


The device is made out of conventional materials including Styrofoam and off-the-shelf aluminum parts.

Lesson for politicians - SA's ex-President fined R500k for misinformation via Twitter

Date Published: Sat, 14 Sep 2019 11:31:54 +0200

The takeaway for politicians the world around is that what is stated on Twitter is public and is on record as public speech and utterances. There is no parliamentary privilege or different rules for what can be said (the same goes for non-politicians). Ordinary laws of defamation, libel, intimidation, etc can be applied.

Once this starts happening more we'll hopefully find more sanity and respect prevailing on Twitter and other social media platforms. Social media is not a platform for abuse and non-accountability. If you publish something, be prepared to stand by it and if necessary defend it in a court of law. No-one is above the law, even presidents or prime ministers.


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#^EDITORIAL: Justice for no 1 troll Zuma


Former president Jacob Zuma and his allies have weaponised Twitter. It is a delicious irony that he now has to fork out R500,000 for doing so

How to use Firefox Picture-in-picture mode - Appears not to be enabled by default for everyone

Date Published: Fri, 13 Sep 2019 22:34:34 +0200

Firefox has a picture-in-picture mode, much like Chrome and Safari do. This feature was added in Firefox 67 (current stable version is 68) and works on websites that use an HTML5 media player. One popular website is of course YouTube. For some reason, the feature isn’t enabled for everyone by default so here’s how you can enable and use Firefox Picture-in-picture mode.


#^How to use Firefox Picture-in-picture mode


How to use Firefox Picture-in-picture mode

The Firefox Task Manager can help you find out which tabs are consuming too many system resources

Date Published: Thu, 12 Sep 2019 22:22:56 +0200

Did you know that Firefox comes with a built-in task manager? That's right. And with this task manager, you can see which of your tabs are causing your system to slow down. This is an incredibly important (and underused) tool in the Firefox tool box. You can see how to access and use it at

A further useful tip related to this is to set Firefox to automatically suspend background tabs if memory resources are low. To do this go to about:config and search for lowmemory and change to true.

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#^How to use the Firefox Task Manager


With the help of the Firefox Task Manager, you can find out which tabs are consuming too many system resources.

Amateur Radio Digital Open Protocol (ARDOP) - A newer open radio protocol for Winlink users for transmission of e-mails during disasters or by mariners

Date Published: Thu, 12 Sep 2019 20:27:02 +0200

A newer open radio protocol for Winlink users, and for amateurs everywhere is available already. ARDOP (Amateur Radio Digital Open Protocol) is a new (from 2018) cooperative radio protocol project in which the Amateur Radio Safety Foundation and Rick Muething, KN6KB, of the Winlink Development Team are proud to have a major role. ARDOP will ultimately replace WINMOR in the Winlink system because of its superior features and multiple platform (OS) support.

The protocol design is open, and the software implementations will be open-sourced. This means you can expect the protocol to take different forms, like a virtual TNC using sound-card software on Windows, Linux, Apple OS X, iOS, and Android, or in hardware, like a USB plug-in or 'add-on box' using today's low-cost DSP CPU chips.

This is an important step as one of the most efficient protocols has been the proprietary Pactor 2 and above, but modems cost easily $1,000 plus and each user must have a modem to use it (Pactor 1 modems are cheaper but are incredibly slow). VARA is a cheaper alternative but still costs money and is not as efficient. Open source also means a better chance that it will be fully cross-platform.

A big plus with ARDOP is that it will work with just sound cards, or with radios such as the Yaesu FT-991A with a built-in sound card and similar radios, just a USB driver.

From what I see in Winlink Express the protocol is already listed for use but it does require that the Radio Message Server (or P2P station) that you are connecting to, supports the protocol.

More at

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#^ARDOP Overview


Amateur Radio Digital Open Protocol The ARDOP project is a joint development effort among amateur radio developers that seeks to provide a specification and implementation (software or hardware) for a modern versatile open digital protocol. Target Objectives

Malcolm Turnbull says renewables plus storage are cheaper than coal and nuclear for new power generation

Date Published: Thu, 12 Sep 2019 19:42:35 +0200

Mr Turnbull refers to "new coal". Leading experts consulted by Fact Check pointed out that new coal-fired power plants would most likely be required to accept a "risk premium" when obtaining finance, reflecting uncertainty over international and domestic climate and energy policy, future clean-up costs, and higher construction risks.

According to some estimates, interest rates faced by new coal projects as a consequence would be twice those applying to wind or solar projects. Factoring this in makes new coal an even less attractive proposition. The best available data suggests that under current conditions, nuclear energy would not be a cheaper source of electricity than renewables, as Mr Turnbull points out.

For me, although the reasoning behind the financing risk premiums and associated costs are an interesting perspective not often mentioned, the article gives a particularly useful explanation in layman's terms as to how the levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) is determined and why it is important when comparing different types of generation. The sectioned headed "Setting the parameters" covers this.


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#^Fact check: Are renewables plus storage cheaper than coal and nuclear for new power generation?


Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull says new generation from renewables plus storage is cheaper than new coal or nuclear generation. Is that correct? RMIT ABC Fact Check investigates.

An introduction to Markdown - A Lot of Text and Note Editors Support it for Formatting of Text

Date Published: Thu, 12 Sep 2019 19:32:05 +0200

What is Markdown? A friendly reminder from Wikipedia: Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax.

What this means to you is that by using just a few extra symbols in your text, Markdown helps you create a document with an explicit structure. When you take notes in plain text (in a notepad application, for example), there's nothing to indicate which text is meant to be bold or italic. In ordinary text, you might write a link as one time, then as just, and later go to the website ( There's no internal consistency.

But if you write the way Markdown prescribes, your text has internal consistency. Computers like consistency because it enables them to follow strict instructions without worrying about exceptions. So if you know that ** on either side of a phase will bold it, you can use that across various text editors. A text file saved with these symbols will read consistently across different editors and viewers. Many social media sites will allow these symbols (but not tell you) so try them out there too. Some editors offer a menu bar with bold, italics etc but they are just inserting these symbols into the text for you.


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#^An introduction to Markdown


For a long time, I thought all the files I saw on GitLab and GitHub with an .md extension were written in a file type exclusively for developers. That changed a few weeks ago when I started using Markdown. It quickly became the most important tool in my daily work. Markdown makes my life easier. I just need to add a few symbols to what I'm already writing and, with the help of a browser extension or an open-source program, I can transform my text into a variety of commonly used formats such as ODT, email (more on that later), PDF, and EPUB.

How to Find Gmail's New Dark Mode Setting - Or To Force Enable It If Your Android Phone Is Rooted

Date Published: Thu, 12 Sep 2019 19:09:16 +0200

If you updated to Android 10 and were surprised to not see the dark theme in Gmail yet, it might be worth taking a second look. Some users have reported a new “themes” option in the Gmail app settings that includes a dark mode setting. The linked article below will show how to check if Gmail’s new dark mode is available for you.

If you still don't have it you can do the following with a rooted phone which work3ed for me:
1. Go to data\data\\shared_prefs\FlagPrefs.xml
2. Open it with an editor then search for "DarkThemeSupport" (should be one of the first flags) and change to True. Save.
3. Force close Gmail and reopen. Theme support should be now there in the General Settings.


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#^How to Find Gmail's New Dark Mode Setting


Despite teasing expanded dark mode support ahead of Android 10's release, many users who installed the update noted that several Google apps still lack dark themes, including its Gmail app. However, it looks as if those missing dark theme options are finally starting to appear.

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