Discovery Vitality members live much longer than normal South Africans – It boils down to lifestyle choices we make

Date Published: Thu, 12 Sep 2019 17:32:33 +0200

The positive impact of the Vitality programme is clearly illustrated by the life expectancy of Vitality members. While the average age in South Africa is 63, it increases to 81 for Vitality members. It increases even further for Vitality Gold and Diamond status members, which have a life expectancy of 87.

Dowra said there are 4 main risk factors which cause major diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease – physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, smoking, and excessive alcohol.

It all boils down to lifestyle choices...


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#^Discovery Vitality members live much longer than normal South Africans – Here is why


The average life expectancy in South Africa is 63, but it changes drastically if you are a Vitality Gold or Diamond member.

Combining Solar and Farming Benefits Both - Crop Productivity Can Improve But So Can PV Panel Efficiency In Hot Weather

Date Published: Wed, 11 Sep 2019 22:50:00 +0200

Fraunhofer ISE in Germany was one of the first to experiment with combining solar and farming on the same land. Its early research found doing so increases the productivity of the land significantly — up to 60% or more in some cases. Now researchers at the University of Arizona have confirmed the benefits of growing crops beneath the shade provided by solar panels — more electricity, higher yields, and less water used. That last part is of vital interest to farmers in Arizona where access to water for irrigation is crucial.

“We found that many of our food crops do better in the shade of solar panels because they are spared from the direct sun,” says Baron-Gafford. “In fact, total chiltepin fruit production was three times greater under the PV panels in an agrivoltaic system, and tomato production was twice as great!” Jalapenos produced a similar amount of fruit in both the agrivoltaics system and the traditional plot, but did so with 65% less transpirational water loss.

As solar panels heat up, their efficiency decreases. By cultivating crops underneath the PV panels, researchers were able to reduce the temperature of the panels.


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#^Combining Solar & Farming Benefits Both


New research shows combing solar panels and farming could have important benefits for both.

The Biggest Features That Didn't Make It Into the iPhone 11 (And Which Other Phones Already Have Them)

Date Published: Wed, 11 Sep 2019 22:01:48 +0200

Apple just announced the next wave of iPhones, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. There are a ton of new and interesting features across the three phones, most of which revolve around their fancy, gigantic new cameras. While there’s plenty to be excited about, it seems that Apple left a couple of ideas on the cutting room floor. Some features rumoured to be coming to the new iPhone 11 didn’t end up in the final product, including two-way wireless charging, something that’s already available in some of its competitors.

As a rule, it seems like there are always at least a couple of features that come to Android phones before Apple decides to commit. Here are some of the features you may miss out on if you pick up an iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, and what phones currently have them.

Apple does what they do well and usually in a stable way (haven't forgotten about the recent Macbook keyboard issues) but they are not known for groundbreaking innovation. The market they aim at though is slightly different from Android's market and actually, they complement each other in their offerings with enough middle ground between them to allow users to collaborate. Apple promotes stable, reduces choices, designs well, whilst Android is a bit rougher, is a bit more bleeding edge, and gives so much freedom of choice that users don't often know all the options they have.


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#^The Biggest Features That Didn't Make It Into the iPhone 11 (And Which Phones Already Have Them)


Apple just announced the next wave of iPhones, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. There are a ton of new and interesting features across the three phones, most of which revolve around their fancy, gigantic new cameras. While there’s plenty to be excited about, it seems that Apple left a couple of ideas on the cutting room floor. Some features rumored to be coming to the new iPhone 11 didn’t end up in the final product, including two-way wireless charging, something that’s already available in some of its competitors.

The Open Organization Community at has published The Open Organization Guide for Educators with free Lesson Plans for an Open Education

Date Published: Wed, 11 Sep 2019 20:15:33 +0200

Are students listening passively from the back of the room? Or are they collaboratively shaping what and how they learn as their teachers connect their lessons to projects and contexts outside the classroom?

What if we could build classrooms, departments, or entire educational institutions on the same values that power open source communities? What if we let open organization principles — like transparency, inclusivity, adaptability, collaboration, and community — guide our experiments in transforming education? How might that change the ways educators prepare students for life in an increasingly open world?

The open organization community at has just released a new guide for helping educators realize the benefits of constructing their classrooms, departments, and schools on open principles. Their guide features dozens of tips for creating more transparent, adaptable, and inclusive educational organizations in a number of learning contexts — including public, private, post-secondary, and non-profit spaces.

Like all books in the Open Organization series, The Open Organization Guide for Educators is licensed under the terms of a Creative Commons license so its source files are available on GitHub, so readers can share it, fork it, modify it, log bugs and typos, and propose their own additions.

See where there is a link to the download

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#^ where there is a link to the download

Honda prices its adorable electric e for summer launch... But it is overpriced compared to new Volkswagen ID.3 for what you get

Date Published: Wed, 11 Sep 2019 19:41:22 +0200

We're looking to the likes of Hyundai, Honda, Kia, VW, and similar to get us to the tipping point for mainstream consumers to move to electric vehicles. The prices are edging towards the right level and the ranges are now getting reasonable. But a pity that Honda is actually slightly less than VW at around the same price. VW is betting their future on electric and this is showing in terms of what they are offering.

Prices need to match or go below that of ICE vehicles. ICE vehicle prices have steadily been going up as more and more base features are included (power steering, aircons, airbags, etc) but EVs may not be able to go very much lower unless higher-end features are dropped or battery storage prices have their own breakthrough. What may well help tilt the decks is increasing carbon taxes on ICE vehicles, and supply starting to drop as manufacturers switch to EV.

What is sure though is that the writing is on the wall and it is just a matter of when it happens where. It's going to mostly be good news for consumers if the purchase costs come down a bit but it's going to mean disruption for the motor servicing and parts industry, and the expansive distribution network for crude oil and gasoline/petrol.

But it's not all doom and gloom as we've seen with all disruptive technology changes over the last 100 to 200 years that where some jobs were lost we ended up gaining far more newer jobs. So let's embrace the change and get ready for it.


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#^Honda prices its adorable electric e for summer launch


Another sub-30K EV is coming to Europe.

Facebook: Remember how we promised we weren’t tracking your precise location? Sike, can't believe you fell for that... again

Date Published: Tue, 10 Sep 2019 23:13:37 +0200

For years the antisocial media giant has claimed it doesn’t track your location, insisting to suspicious reporters and privacy advocates that its addicts “have full control over their data,” and that it does not gather or sell that data unless those users agree to it.

No one believed it. So, when it (and Google) were hit with lawsuits trying to get to the bottom of the issue, Facebook followed its well-worn path to avoiding scrutiny: it changed its settings and pushed out carefully worded explanations that sounded an awful lot like it wasn’t tracking you anymore. But it was. Because location data is valuable.

Then, late on Monday, Facebook emitted a blog post in which it kindly offered to help users “understand updates” to their “device’s location settings.”

It begins: “Facebook is better with location. It powers features like check-ins and makes planning events easier. It helps improve ads and keep you and the Facebook community safe. Features like Find Wi-Fi and Nearby Friends use precise location even when you’re not using the app to make sure that alerts and tools are accurate and personalized for you.”

So it is still tracking your precise locations even when you are not using the app. But Android and iOS are getting way sharper in now warning users and allowing better control from the OS. The sickening part though is how Facebook won't let its users just get on with connecting with their friends and families, its always using their data in more and more ways to monetise in the background, until they are found out, apologise, and make another tweak.


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#^Facebook: Remember how we promised we weren’t tracking your location? Psych! Can't believe you fell for that


Super-harvester of private info forced to confront new iOS, Android safeguards

Kimber Pepper Blaster - Guardian Angel Self-Defence Device Live Tested On A Person And Owners Should Watch This Video

Date Published: Tue, 10 Sep 2019 21:35:56 +0200

The glossy brochures promise two shots firing at 180 km/h effective in any weather conditions but if you don't aim and hit right it may be close to useless. Watch this video until after the second shot at about 8 minutes to see the difference. It is advice really worth watching including how to hold and carry a purse/handbag.

This device sells for about R700 (US$47) in South Africa and is fairly popular due to its compact size and claimed long shelf-life. Sprays can be cheaper but expire sooner and spraying into a headwind is going to knock you out (the Guardian Angel fires a gel).

Watch at

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#^Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 DBL Face Shot Review


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The iFixit Pro Toolkit Is the Only Electronics Repair Kit I Ever Need - You Need The Right Tools To Repair Anything

Date Published: Tue, 10 Sep 2019 07:50:30 +0200

I bought one of these kits three years or back to repair my Google Nexus 6P phone and have used it for all other repairs and inspections of gadgets. It has all the screwdriver bits you need for weird screws you find, tweezers, and item to pry cases open. A nice touch is the bo lid that will hold all the loose bits you remove from devices.

The only extra items I've needed were a good heat gun, a vice to hold things, and a strong magnifying glass. But to undertake any repair (even vehicles) you always need the right tools and something like this is essential for gadgets and phones.


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#^The iFixit Pro Toolkit Is the Only Electronics Repair Kit I Ever Need


Apple has recently made it easier to get your iPhone fixed from third party shops. But if you want to repair it—or any of your other gadgets—yourself, you’ll need the proper tools. Fortunately, just about everything you could ever need to fix just about any electronics can be found in this iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit.

Use web based Online PNG Tools to create a transparent signature PNG file to paste onto documents

Date Published: Sun, 8 Sep 2019 20:19:31 +0200

OK it's not a digital signature but if someone sends you a PDF to be signed and sent back, sticking a transparent PNG signature on it, and printing to a PDF that can be sent back, saves paper and time.

All you have to do is take a photo of your signature on white paper, convert that to PNG format and follow instructions on the site at

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#^Make PNG Transparent - Online PNG Tools


World's simplest online utility that creates transparent PNGs. Free, quick, and powerful. Import PNG, make PNG transparent.

Winlink 2000 - a worldwide system for sending and receiving e-mail over radio without the Internet

Date Published: Sun, 8 Sep 2019 19:26:20 +0200

Since this system does not rely on the Internet it is widely used by mariners, RV campers, missionaries, and various agencies who need to communicate when the Internet is not available at the last mile location.

The Winlink system consists of a group of Common Message Servers (CMS) placed at various locations around the world. These servers connect via the Internet to Radio Message Servers (RMS) in many geographic locations to form a star network configuration. The Radio Message Servers are the UHF, VHF, or HF RF gateways into the Winlink system. The final component on either side is a client computer device running the software to send/receive messages through your radio. In Internet terms you could think of the Radio as a modem (very loosely speaking).

The client computer will generally run Winlink Express if it's a Windows computer, or AirMail if a MacOS (Airmail can also run under WINE or CrossOver on Linux). Yes Pat and Paclink will run on Linux but it is a bit dismal to try setup and use. Winlink is very skewed towards Windows users which is a great pity.

The client software will also connect via Telnet over the Internet so if your Internet links are up you can use it is in this way. If the Internet is not available your radio would need to establish a connection to a RMS. Here in South Africa there is a RMS in Cape Town and one in Gauteng so I could manage to connect via VHS radio in Cape Town but if I wanted to try to reach Gauteng's RMS I'd need to go HF (which means it won't be available 24/7 to me).

A registered user would receive a e-mail address for the system. Anyone could then send via the Internet (from Gmail or any other e-mail address) to that e-mail address. A mariner for example at sea would have their radio and computer running and trying to auto-connect say every 10 minutes. In the short period that the radio manages to establish the connection, that mariner would receive waiting e-mails, weather reports, and send any mail they had composed ready for sending. It works in a store-and-forward mode.

It is also possible to make direct peer-to-peer connections between two client computers (radio stations) that are within radio range of each other (could be 30km or 500km). This could also allow a radio station with only VHF/UHF capability to connect to another station with VHF/UHF and the second station could forward the messages into the Winlink system using HF.

If using amateur radio bands the usual restrictions apply and a license is required. But one can see how useful this can be during a disaster as a lot more accurate communication can be exchanged more quickly than during it using phone mode (voice).

There is a lot more detail in the beginner's guide at

#winlink #amateurradio #hamradio


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