New 500Mbps fibre service from Openserve launched costing only 14% more than 200Mbps

Date Published: Tue, 24 Aug 2021 19:38:46 +0200

A few ISPs, including Afrihost and Cool Ideas, have already launched 500Mbps retail products based on the new Openserve service. Afrihost charges R1,297 ($86) for an uncapped 500Mbps Openserve service, while Cool Ideas charges R1,399 ($93).

Just remember that many Ethernet cables (or WifI), as well as router ports, may only be operating at a max of 100Mbps, so before considering this you may want to be sure your hardware in the house is not holding you back. Also, many servers, and international speeds, may not be sending data fast enough for you to get the benefits of this.

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Openserve has launched a new 500Mbps fibre-to-the-home service at a slightly higher price than its 200Mbps offering.

John Cleese is set to explore cancel culture and the ‘woke' generation in a new Channel 4 series after Fawlty Towers episode taken off air

Date Published: Tue, 24 Aug 2021 13:59:01 +0200

Actor and former Fawlty Towers star John Cleese, 81, is set to explore the generational rift of cancel culture and the ‘woke’ generation he feels is trying to rewrite the rules of television. The comedian and writer will set out to ask whether it is possible to make a good comedy in this generation without offending anyone.

He is set to meet some famous faces who have found themselves on the receiving end of cancel culture and how they dealt with being involved in a public led scandal. John will also meet some of the people who set out to cancel these celebrities and brands and investigate what drives their motivation to do what they do.

This will certainly be interesting, as John generally pulls no punches in being very penetrating and to the point.

See John Cleese announces cancel culture series after Fawlty Towers episode taken off air

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JOHN CLEESE is set to explore cancel culture and the ‘woke' generation in a new Channel 4 series as he claims there's so much he doesn't understand.

Ulauncher is a fast application launcher with extension and shortcut support to help you quickly access application and files in Linux

Date Published: Mon, 23 Aug 2021 22:49:51 +0200

An application launcher lets you quickly access or open an app without hovering over the application menu icons.

The options that you get with Ulauncher are super accessible and easy to customize. Some key highlights include:
* Fuzzy search algorithm, which lets you find applications even if you misspell them
* Remembers your last searched application in the same session
* Frequently used apps display (optional)
* Custom color themes
* Preset color themes that include a dark theme
* Shortcut to summon the launcher can be easily customized
* Browse files and directories
* Support for extensions to get extra functionality (emoji, weather, speed test, notes, password manager, etc.)
* Shortcuts for browsing sites like Google, Wikipedia, and Stack Overflow

If you use KDE desktop you may also want to look at KRunner which is similar - it has fewer plugins than Ulauncher, but it does find AppImages better.

See Ulauncher: A Super Useful Application Launcher for Linux - It's FOSS

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Ulauncher is a fast application launcher with extension and shortcut support to help you quickly access application and files in Linux.

Ample raises $160 million on the promise of EV battery swapping with an adapter plate fitting each OEM's vehicle holding swappable modules

Date Published: Mon, 23 Aug 2021 21:43:11 +0200

Battery swapping is an ideal solution whilst EV batteries still take some time to charge, but it really needs standardisation to take off. Problem is the race is still on between manufacturers to squeeze in that extra bit of capacity and shave minutes off the charging time. Ample is planning to build a battery that fits into existing vehicles, but where the modules can swap out easily (or even upgraded).

The goal with Ample is to convince automakers to make versions of their electric vehicles that have a sort of adapter plate instead of a full battery pack, while everything else stays the same. Then Ample plugs a bunch of battery modules into that adapter. The modules can then be easily swapped at automated battery swap stations, allowing for a much faster “fill-up” that saves time and money.

"John de Souza: I think in the US, we don’t look enough as to what’s happening around the world". While battery swapping may still seem unfamiliar and possibly unfeasible in the US, it’s taking off in China, where startups like Nio have inspired the government there to basically start demanding a national standard.

See Ample raises $160 million on the promise of battery swapping

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An idea Tesla and others have tried but abandoned.

Ethiopia to build local rival to Facebook and WhatsApp - Great idea, but re-purpose existing decentralised alternatives like Mastodon, Matrix, Friendica, etc

Date Published: Mon, 23 Aug 2021 21:24:43 +0200

The point is so many open source alternatives already exist to Facebook and WhatsApp, all of which can be locally hosted and can federate where required. Local rules can also be set and managed for these networks, and they can be easily branded to suite Ethiopia. Open source means you can see how they work, and even change that if necessary.

Federation means you can host and manage your own instance, and decide whether to open and federate it across other social networks and instances. You have full control over it, and it should not be necessary to create yet another social network from the ground up.

See Ethiopia to build local rival to Facebook and WhatsApp

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Ethiopia has begun developing its own social media platform to rival Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, though it does not plan to block the global services.

Open-Source Insulin: Biohackers Aiming For Distributed Production

Date Published: Mon, 23 Aug 2021 20:22:22 +0200

A team of biohackers with a wide geographic footprint, OIF is a non-profit focused on creating community-scale systems that can produce safe, affordable insulin.

See Open-Source Insulin: Biohackers Aiming For Distributed Production

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When you’ve got a diabetic in your life, there are few moments in any day that are free from thoughts about insulin. Insulin is literally the first coherent thought I have every morning, when…

Straight Razor Shaving: You can flatten a honing stone with just 400 grit sandpaper

Date Published: Mon, 23 Aug 2021 16:39:05 +0200

The normal option is to buy a special flattening stone, but these can be quite costly. What works just as well, is to use 400 grit sandpaper, which you tape to a flat granite or marble surface.

I've criss-crossed the honing stone with pencil lines, and soaked the stone for 15 minutes in water. Then all I did was lightly rub both sides of my 3000/8000 grit stone on the sandpaper until the pencil marks were removed. That gave me nice flat surfaces to further hone my razor with.

My straight razor is now all honed and stropped, and ready for another two months or so of use before I need to hone it again.

See my tips at Traditional Wet Shaving | Gadgeteer

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You can follow all my latest wet shaving specific posts at #^

Is It Time to Rethink Food Colouring? Nothing beats Natural Food, Though!

Date Published: Mon, 23 Aug 2021 11:00:39 +0200

It’s easy to associate it with obviously processed products like M&Ms, but food colouring can crop up in lots of unexpected places, like salad dressing and medicines. Even oranges will sometimes have their peels dyed a brighter orange to make them look more appealing. “We're probably more exposed than we realize,” says environmental toxicologist Rachel Shaffer.

Nowadays, there are nine FDA-approved synthetic food colours on the market in the United States. Just three colours — Red #40, Yellow #5, and Yellow #6 — account for 90% of that figure. Eight of the nine dyes are derived from petroleum. There are also 28 “exempt” food colourings that come from plant and mineral sources, and in two cases insects.

As a scientist, Lefferts says, there are certainly more questions about food colouring that could benefit from further research. But as an activist, she believes the course of action should be for the FDA to re-evaluate their position based on the research that’s already available. “I'd really rather just see these dyes out of the food supply,” she says. “We have lots of evidence that they cause problems. Let's get a warning label. Or let's get rid of them.

While the experts consider the research and policy interventions, Sathyanarayana’s advice for ordinary consumers is straightforward: “Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, when possible to try to reduce the number of processed foods in your diet. Read the labels: the smaller the number of ingredients, the better.”

See Is It Time to Rethink Food Coloring?

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The FDA says they’re safe in moderation. But some experts say their guidelines are outdated and need changes to account for the possibility that dyes affect children's brains and behavior.

GAC Aion V 6C Promises 8-Minute Charge Times, 1000-Kilometre Range in their SUV, possible using their new graphene battery

Date Published: Sun, 22 Aug 2021 21:58:34 +0200

Chinese manufacturer GAC says next month, customers will be able to buy an Aion 6C battery electric SUV that can charge a depleted battery to 80% capacity in a lightning fast 8 minutes. The company claims the car will have a range of 1000 kilometres NEDC, the wildly optimistic standard used in China. EPA range would probably be a little more than half of that, but still — 500+ miles of range and an 8 minute charging time? BOOM! That’s the sound of range anxiety fears exploding.

Naturally, such expeditious charging requires state-of-the-art chargers. For those worried that such rapid charging will degrade the battery, Aion says not to worry. Assuming charging is done at room temperature, it claims the battery should last for up to 1 million kilometres.

The proof of the pudding though will be in the "eating", so we all eagerly await actual road test reviews.

See GAC Aion V 6C Promises 8-Minute Charge Times, 1000 Kilometer Range

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GAC claims its new Aion V 6C has exception range and super fast charging times.

Open Source Linux Phones: Here are Your Options

Date Published: Sat, 21 Aug 2021 12:47:04 +0200

While Android is based on a Linux kernel, it has been heavily modified. So, that does not make it a full-fledged Linux-based operating system. Google is trying to get the Android kernel close to the mainline Linux kernel, but that is still a distant dream.

For normal users though, they will consider whether their banking app runs on the phone, their favourite game, insurance company app, etc. So possibly an Android emulator of sorts could bridge the gap, but there are a small percentage of apps that are very locked down to official app store versions with no rooting etc.

An advantage though of a pure Linux phone, is that anything developed or workable on normal Linux as an OS, should run perfectly well on these phones, as will anything that is browser based. Linux now has Snap and Flatpak packages that are build once, run across all distros, so the landscape has been becoming more standardised.

So, if you are an enthusiast or want to support the development of such phones, you can consider getting one of the devices.

See Linux Phones: What are Your Options?

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Not Android, not iOS? Looking for a real Linux-based phone? Here are your options when it comes to a Linux-based smartphone.

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