The Economizer — A Solution For Electric Buses To Help Gamify Driver Behaviour To Reduce Energy Costs Up To 30%

The Economizer allows the driver to join a gamification platform. Such an additional function enables initiating sessions when drivers compete with each other based on their score for efficient driving. All the scores are recorded in a ranking list which makes it possible to identify the best driver. Drivers can win bonus points for extra-efficient performance. The bonus points are accounted for in the overall result. Not only does this function add variety to the application, but it also allows its users to interact with the system and reward the best drivers. These points are later used to grade the overall performance of the driver for a given period (e.g., one month) and then companies might base their bonus policies on that evaluation.

A more efficient driving style, achievable with the Economizer, helps to reduce the energy consumption level in vehicles operated under real conditions. The estimated level of savings varies according to traffic density, vehicle load, and terrain shaping. The energy consumption might be lowered by up to 30% if the driver follows the instructions.

The data also shows that, when monitored, overall wear and tear on vehicles operated in urban spaces using the Economizer can be reduced by up to 30%.

For FJ7, a regular bus operated in urban areas, which covers about 75,000 km per year, this results in savings of about €3,500 per year based on the current prices of electric power.


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#^The Economizer — A Solution For Electric Buses


Electric power systems in electric buses have excellent operating parameters, are quiet and highly efficient, and make it possible to recover energy while braking. Yet to make these electric power systems more available to the public transportation sector, there needs to be a better focus on extended range.

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