That Dakota Access Pipeline leak isn't the builder's only problem

Opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline warned this would happen. They probably didn't expect it to come so soon, however. The newly completed conduit, which cuts across a reservoir relied on by members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, leaked 84 gallons of crude oil in South Dakota in early April, recent media reports indicate.

The Texas-based developer has racked up multiple air and water pollution violations throughout Ohio while building a major natural gas pipeline, the state's environmental regulators said. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) this week issued a $431,000 fine against the company, citing 18 incidents since late March that involved mud spills from drilling, stormwater pollution, and open burning.

And I'm hoping here in South Africa that we'll be even more vigilant with the company that promised that fracking in the Karoo won't pollute the groundwater at all.

The Dakota Access Pipeline has already sprung a leak, and that's not all

Energy Transfer Partners is in trouble in another state, as well.

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