Why You Should Switch to the Signal Chat App

Why You Should Switch to the Signal Chat App

Signal is a messaging service that has gained a lot of traction among privacy enthusiasts in recent years. It is a cross-platform app that is available for both Android and iOS, with desktop support for Windows, macOS and Linux.

It looks and works like most messaging apps, so it’s easy to get started with, and it can also handle your SMS so you don’t have to use a separate app. It supports voice and video calls and allows you to share pictures, videos, or documents in your conversations.

On the privacy and security front, as long as both parties are communicating with the app, all messages will be end-to-end encrypted so that the contents of every chat remain private and unable to be viewed by anyone else. Calls made through the app are also encrypted so that no one can listen in. WhatsApp does enable end-to-end encryption by default which ensures that your conversations remain private, but the Facebook-owned messaging app can still extract and store metadata around your activity within the app.

What I like most about the service though is that it works across all common OSs and devices, and does not need to have your phone connected to use it.

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Why You Should Switch to the Signal Chat App - Make Tech Easier
Signal is a cross-platform messaging app that is focused on protecting your security and privacy. Here are some of the reasons why you should switch to the Signal app.

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