The best Android file manager apps

The best Android file manager apps

File management isn’t the sexiest area of smartphone ownership — but if you use your device for productivity, it’s an important subject to consider.

Your phone, after all, is your on-the-go connection to the world. It’s basically the new PC. And whether your work involves presentations, PDFs, Word documents or images, you’re bound to find yourself fumbling around with files on your pocket-sized screen sooner or later.

With the right tools, though, dealing with files from your phone doesn’t have to be a hassle. And the good news? Android’s got plenty of outstanding options.

I use Solid Explorer's FTP server function so that I can use my desktop file explorer to view and copy photos back to my desktop machine.


The best Android file manager apps
From optimizing your phone’s storage to integrating your device with the cloud, these standout Android apps will let you juggle files like a pro.

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