Hubzilla - Better than Friendica at being a Facebook Replacement?

Hubzilla - Better than Friendica at being a Facebook Replacement?

I've only been using Hubzilla for one day but it seems to have all that Friendica has, and even more. Definitely well into the "serious contender" for replacing Facebook.

Not only are there events, groups, like/dislike buttons, tags, etc it has slightly richer photo album capability(like drag and drop to upload photos to an album) as well as voting on a post (agree, disagree, abstain), webpages you can create, Dropbox like storage, calendar sync, a Wiki, chatrooms, and many 3rd party apps that bring in masses of extra functionality (one being even a chess game).

It is supposed to also federate with Diaspora, Twitter, Friendica, RSS feeds, etc but I'm still in the process of finding the best instance that supports as many of these functions as possible. Right now I'm at but this may change. If there are any Hubzilla users who have suggestions for a feature rinstance please reply to this post.

See an interesting overview at

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