Some Google Plus users begin migrating to the MeWe social media platform

Some Google Plus users begin migrating to the MeWe social media platform

I've only been using MeWe for about two days now but am quite liking it from a functionality point of view as well as its very user-friendly interface and pretty good Android/iOS apps.

What I am liking is its Groups that have a lot of configurability, and with the right settings your Groups there can mimic Google+ Collections. It's got good controls over notifications, and it also has masses of open Groups on lots of diverse topics. One difference with MeWe's Groups is that a post to the group does NOT appear in your Profile stream like on G+ with Collections. This can be positive or negative depending on how you look at it - your Profile feed can be followed for purely non-Group posts, but in this way, there is no "single feed" to follow all your posts (think pushing your feed out to another service like say Twitter). Of course for those posting everything on their Profile feed only this makes no difference.

So although I will be posting there now (my profile is at I'll still do my main posting from Google+ for a while. The main reason being MeWe's posts are not yet open public posts (you have to register for free to see posts). But some changes and improvements are coming to MeWe that will open this up and also bring other improvements that G+ users have been asking for - watch the video with MeWe's Product Manager at This is encouraging as MeWe is keen to make improvements so I'm not judging it by what I only see today.

On the downside it is a pity it is not federated (but I get that many users actually want a single site where all their contacts and groups are), or open source, as this would provide assurance against it just being shut down in future. That said a saving grace is Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who is on their advisory board, and who is busy with a big drive to get social media platforms more open. To be honest the majority of social media users probably find the federated approach confusing, especially when they want to just find their friends. So I'm guessing that many G+ users will still find their way to MeWe!

Other alternatives that G+ users are moving to (or that there is a bit of mention about) are:
- Pluspora
- Mastodon (more Twitter-like)

MeWe still offers the richest functionality in a good looking and modern looking UI.

If you are a MeWe user let me know in the comments to this post what you think of it. Did you compare other alternatives, if so, why did you choose (or not choose) them?


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Some Google Plus users begin migrating to the MeWe social media platform
Many Google Plus users are migrating their social usage to the MeWe social media platform.

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