West Coast Shaving's Best Selling Safety Razors In 2018 (Top 9)

West Coast Shaving's Best Selling Safety Razors In 2018 (Top 9)

While the traditional safety razor has been enjoying a resurgence of popularity lately, it is no spring chicken. Since the early part of the 1900s, men have discovered the benefits of this ingenious tool. Not only are you partaking in a rite of passage enjoyed by men through out the ages, but you are also getting the best shave of your life. The closeness of a single blade shave is arguably the best you can get. And with only one blade touching your face, you get less irritation. If that wasn't enough, it is also cheaper than a cartridge and less waste for the environment. What more could you want!?!?

Nice to see an actual sales list (what people have bought by numbers) vs a theoretical "best" list. And judging by the Merkur 34C being top of this I would imagine that many of these purchases were also first-time buyers.

See https://www.westcoastshaving.com/blogs/wet-shaving-and-grooming-blog/9-best-selling-safety-razors-in-2018

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Best Selling Safety Razors in 2018 (Top 9)
The results are in! Here are the top selling safety razors on our site in a variety of categories from most innovative to best heavy duty. Find your first – or last – razor on this list!

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