How to get the best Calendar experience on Linux, MacOS or Windows using MineTime

Are you looking for the best calendar experience on Linux? Look no further than MineTime. It’s an advanced calendar application for Linux, Mac, and Windows that offers up robust features, such as time analytics, a built-in natural language assistant, and even the ability to sync multiple calendar services such as Outlook, Google Calendar, NextCloud, and more.

Finding a time that works for everybody is a pain! Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, MineTime will soon learn your daily pattern and preferences. Considering everyone’s agendas and their personal preferences, MineTime will make group scheduling fast and easy as never before.

ETH Zurich is a research institute which conducts research in the areas of Artificial Intelligence to provide recommendations about the best time to schedule new events and make the scheduling process faster, Natural Language Processing and Human-Computer Interaction to simplify the daily usage of productivity tools and Visual Analytics to provide insight about past scheduling decisions.

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#^How to get the best Calendar experience on Linux


How to get the best Calendar experience on Linux

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