In one way some of the presentations made me think of Cambridge Analytica proposing a seemingly innocent brain-hack but then doing away with all our brain data and reprogramming us... but supposedly Facebook is not involved here... Seriously though this is really interesting to watch in that Musk's Neuralink has catapaulted forward the capabilities in this area making it possible in the coming years for the physically disabled to control robotic limbs etc, but the achievement will be to try make it more of a commodity type service and not a medically invasive and dangerous procedure.

It will appear to many a far more practical innovation than landing on Mars but no-one can say Elon does not think extremely large (galaxy size) and also extremely small (down to nanometers). Its a long but fascinating video to watch as you get to realise the practical science behind it whilst the previous boundaries have just been shoved away.

But no, it is not seemingly getting anywhere near to downloading thoughts and sending back thoughts yet. But if this is where it is starting out, thoughts are probably just a few stepping stones away.  This is true bio-hacking and really could mean a lot to humans with physical disabilities and in the future possibly even for mental disabilities like Alzheimer's.

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#^Elon Musk’s Neuralink: Both an evolution and a plan for radical change


Neuralink will probably fail in interesting and worthwhile ways.

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