KeySmart Pro review: Tile tracking on a great key organizer is invaluable


KeySmart Pro review: Tile tracking on a great key organizer is invaluable

This is a much-improved version over the original model. It loses the tough metal exterior (for Bluetooth connectivity) and is slightly thicker to accommodate the new gadgetry.

Basically the original KeySmart now has the following built-in to the Pro version:
* Compact LED torch
* Tile tracking location device (for Android and iOS)
* Rechargeable battery (micro-USB connector)
* All-in-One Bottle opener with loop for car fob, bigger key or a remote

At $59.99 each (or two at $47.49 each) it may seem pricey over the original model but if you consider a Tile device is $25 each and must be replaced annually, this does not work out bad at all if you are going to find the location function useful for your keys or phone (and the battery need only be charged every 3 months or so, so no buying new expensive batteries every two months or so like I did for the TrackR devices).

The original models are certainly a better deal if you dod not need the location ability, and of course, if all your keys are larger models then you are probably out of luck anyway with a KeySmart!

Another tip for the USB device... if you choose one wisely you can buy your own later and just fit it yourself.

By using this link you can get $10 discount off your purchase. Disclaimer: I already ordered my own one at full price (and did this post) before I received this link, and I apparently will also receive a small credit if it is used.



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