Why it's always worth re-evaluating your online streaming music service


Why it's always worth re-evaluating your online streaming music service

Just like short-term insurance you do not have any long-term investment value to lose from a music streaming service. You pay per month for the service and lose nothing when switching services, apart from setting up your playlists again.

So it is worth taking stock once in a while of what you are getting versus other services, and compare it to your own unique requirements.

I have some older non-mainstream music, and this is something I check for on a streaming service to see whether they have it. Sometimes they have it, but it gets pulled off as usage rights change. So a possible solution is uploading it myself and knowing it is always there and integrated with my streaming music. That changes slightly what I'm looking for then on the streaming services catalogue of music.

Whilst I love Spotify it is not available yet in South Africa, so I have to use a VPN to listen and that makes moving between devices a bit of a challenge. So Google Play Music is available in South Africa and this makes it more practical for me. But if you live in a country where Spotify (and other services) are available, your options are different. We have another quite cheap streaming music service within South Africa but I can't upload my music to it, so I'm at the mercy of usage rights changes which happen fairly often.

And of course apart from size and extent of the catalogue, whether you can upload or not, whether the service will sync across devices and play offline, there are various other considerations around the player features as well as what devices of yours are supported. I always prefer a service that works across different platforms and is not locked into their own devices or OS, and thankfully even iTunes now mostly works across the different platforms.

Services also change so it is worth not getting stuck in a rut and having a relook at the options you have. Of course, one way to get locked into a specific service is if you buy albums or tracks within that service instead of subscribing monthly....

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