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15 mins downtime today for CPU upgrade

Site was down for 15 mins at 19:30 UTC while I upgraded my hosting from 1 vCPU to 2 vCPU as CPU had been bottlenecking at times for up to 5 mins. Hope this improves the loading and throughput a bit for now.

I'm planning to maybe move the whole hosting to another hosting provider where for the same cost I can double the storage space and quad triple the RAM... all addresses etc will stay the same but it may have some glitches while I switch over the domain pointing.

Apologies for the 20 hour downtime

I ran some extension updates yesterday and noted that there was an error when running the database update afterwards, but as my admin portal view was working fine I had not checked the public pages. Only realised this morning when I needed to link to a blog post that it was in error mode. Reran the database update now and everything is fine again.

Additional ways to follow my blog posts

I've added a Telegram Channel today for those who use Telegram Channel. I'm still deciding whether to post headlines only or full posts as I don't want it too cluttered. But anyone can view it at or within Telegram just search for @gadgeteerza to subscribe.

A little before this I had also added the mail subscription which will send a single mail with a day or two's posts in that one mail.

The other options are in the right-side panel on the various pages on this site.

Major site outage 8 January 2019

Last night was not a good night... just after I had finished putting the last touches to adding Disqus comments (I'm still trying to remember how I restricted them to only certain pages) I made the big error of disabling two aggregator feed content systems I was no longer using and then also deleted (I should have disabled and backed up) a "feed" item which I thought I was not using. Then it all fell apart as I'd made so many tweaks that the more I tried to re-add the feed item I broke my RSS importer and things went from bad to worse.

Enabled easier to use Disqus comments on my blog

For a number of years, I have been publishing all my posts to my own hosted blog (first WordPress and then I migrated it all to Drupal) as insurance against social networks disappearing (which they all will eventually) so I have a good 15,000 to 20,000 posts now which are searchable in one place.
Commenting has been a bit difficult for followers there though as I had to enable registration and later anti-spam measures to keep the spam out. No-one wants to register to make a once-off comment on a site they may not come back to later.

Mixed Content Removed so Some Pages will Load Quicker

Unfortunately an .htaccess file update yesterday evening broke the SSL loading for my address at https://gadgeteer. Whilst fixing this and checking the SSL I noticed three pages (including Home, Open Source Software, and Reading) that were loading some mixed content (non-https) content and this slowed the loading down a bit and could have popper up warnings on some browsers. I have fixed these so loading should be clean and a bit quicker now.

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