Xiaomi’s Smart Glasses are a HUD for your phone and more, but pity it does not have a shutter for the camera, although it does have an indicator light

This product seems aimed at the Chinese market for now, but would likely be more accepted if the camera could have a small hardware shutter over it. The presence of an indicator light though does show some attention was given to privacy. I like the concept of a heads-up display built into a design that looks pretty like regular glasses. A big bonus of course is that Facebook, Google, etc has no involvement, so as far as we know, no data is being sold to advertisers.

Ideal uses could be a teleprompter for speeches, navigation prompts, menu/sign translations, etc.

See Xiaomi Smart Glasses are more than a wearable companion to your phone

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Xiaomi has unveiled its first smart glasses, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses, which they say is more than just a secondary smartphone display.

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