Site Update for 20th January 2011

All the pages from my old site have been migrated to except for the Quality of Service pages which must still be done.  I have changed the layout to the Desk Mess Mirrored Theme which I'll stick with for now as it is lively and on topic and the drop down menus work easily - all I want to do is to change the iPhone graphic to an Android graphic.

I have also activated mobile browsing and any Blackberry, iPhone and Android phone will be detected and given the option to switch to the mobile browser version.

I have standardised on for my URL shortening which gives me better stats as to how many people follow links that I am posting, and Google Analytics is monitoring the website page hits to see what is popular.

These blog updates are also automatically sent to my GadgeteerZA Twitter feed so you can subscribe to either that Twitter feed or the RSS feed for the site to keep up to date with any blogs I post here on the site.

Hope you enjoy the new look as much as I did putting it together!

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