How To Get The Latest Linux Kernel Version In Ubuntu with Ukuu

Ubuntu Linux is the most popular Linux-based operating system today. It is one of the most stable and reliable in the Linux community.This is because Ubuntu is a “snapshot” distribution. Every six months, a new version of the operating system comes out, complete with new software. New software is added in every release, then frozen. As a result, new major updates are put off till the next version of Ubuntu. This hinders users from getting the latest Linux kernel version in Ubuntu.

Many Linux power users will find themselves sitting around for the latest and greatest versions of desktop environments, programs and even newer versions of Linux. For the most part, getting new software on Ubuntu requires adding third party servers, with newer versions of the things people want. However, this is not possible with the thing that advanced users crave: the Linux kernel. That’s why some developers have taken it upon themselves to create the program Ukuu (Ubuntu kernel Update Utility). With it, Ubuntu fans are able to experience newer versions of the Linux kernel.

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