Renewable Energy Is Unstoppable, Declares Financial Times

The Financial Times tells the story of Torotrak, a British company that has been working for 6 years on a high-tech turbocharger that will help make internal combustion engines more efficient in order to meet increasingly rigorous emissions standards. It was in talks with such global automakers as Volkswagen, General Motors, and Toyota about using its device in their cars until recently. Then suddenly, the conversations came to an abrupt halt.

Adam Robson, head of Torotrak, tells the Financial Times the companies all started telling him the same thing — “We think the shift to electric vehicles is accelerating and we have only limited R&D money to invest and we are going to put all of it into the electric car revolution.” Robson says, “This is a colossal structural shift and it’s come at a pace that has never occurred in people’s careers before in this industry.”

Renewable Energy Is Unstoppable, Declares Financial Times

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