Anyone else had a #WeFix screen protector crack like this within a month?

Anyone else had a #WeFix screen protector crack like this within a month?

I bought this R299 WeFix screen protector in the first week of November for my daughter's iPhone, after being upsold to the more expensive screen protector. They fitted it for us in the shop. It had a 3-month warranty on it so after she saw cracks appearing and the bottom right side starting to lift up, I thought that was not a problem as I'd take it back. So I finally got back to the WeFix shop at Canal Walk today and got told that the phone had been dropped so it is not covered by the warranty. The drop is determined by the straight crack that runs from the bottom left side up at direction 2 o'clock. No signs of impact depression at all and my daughter can't recall dropping it. All that I had noticed was that bottom right side steadily lift and I had to cut the piece off that was lifting out of fear of it slicing my daughter's finger.

I suppose the lesson learnt is that you must not spend too much on screen protectors and we're rather going to replace it with a cheaper R199 one. It's also one of those items that is unlikely to be warranty replaced. Reminds me a bit of the "water damage" issues that used to crop up with phones that failed a few years back.

It would be interesting to hear from others though who have bought the harder screen protectors, whether they have lasted well, or have they had similar issues. I've normally bought the thin protectors and must say I've never had to replace anyone of them.


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