RedShift Effects Mirage Delay Pedal Hits Kickstarter

RedShift Effects Mirage Delay Pedal Hits Kickstarter

RedShift Effects have taken to Kickstarter this week to raise the required funds to take their new Delay Pedal into production. Mirage has been designed to provide a feature packed, high-quality hand built tap tempo delay pedal with modulated filtering, plenty of delay time, and a handful of tricks up its sleeve. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more. Specifications and modes of the Delayed Pedal include :
– 32-bit 200MHz microprocessor for DSP
– 24-bit 192kHz A/D and D/A converters
– High-quality analogue circuitry utilizing high-performance rail-to-rail opamps
– True-bypass switching
– 250mA power consumption
– Standard 9V centre-negative power input (adapter not included)

Modes :
– Modulation Mode
– Multi Mode
– Swell
– Tap Tempo
– Expression Control and External Switch

Create sounds ranging from subtle echos, to mind-bending reversed multi-delays. Four modulation types including volume, low-pass, high-pass and resonant filtering. Choose from three modulation sub-modes, allowing you to decide where the modulation occurs; at signal input (PRE), before feedback (MOD) or after feedback (POST).


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