Best Overall Kodi Add-ons Working in 2018 (Updated List)

Best Overall Kodi Add-ons Working in 2018 (Updated List)

Kodi is an amazingly useful piece of software for your PC, tablet, or phone. It was originally designed for organising and playing your media files, but you can install add-ons to extend its functionality in all sorts of ways. These add-ons can let you watch sports, view YouTube videos, listen to music, and much more. These add-ons are available to download from third party hosting sites called repositories, and there are many Kodi repositories across the internet.

Unfortunately, however, this year there have been a whole lot of Kodi repositories shut down and even more add-ons which have stopped working. This has happened due to legal threats from copyright holders over the fact that some add-ons allow users to stream content easily. This has been annoying for your average Kodi user – you were used to being able to use your favourite add-ons and repositories, but now lots of them don’t work!

But this isn’t the end of Kodi add-ons by any means. If you’re looking for a new add-on which will let you stream movies, episodes of TV shows, and more, then read the recommendations for the top 5 best overall Kodi add-ons which are still working.


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