How many electric cars there are in South Africa

How many electric cars there are in South Africa

Now we finally know.... Not many at all!

Lightstone has revealed that 375 electric cars have been sold in South Africa since they became available in the country. 0.2% of all vehicles in South Africa are electric cars. By comparison, 6.6% of all vehicles in Norway are electric.

While there are a number of charging stations around the country – with Gauteng boasting over 90 stations – Lightstone said most owners find it more convenient to charge their cars at home.

Optimal Energy, Nissan, and BMW were the first manufacturers to introduce electric vehicles to South Africa, with the Leaf launched in 2013 and the i3 launched in 2015. The Nissan Leaf saw a surge in sales in 2015, due to a renewed interest in electric vehicles following the launch of the BMW i3.


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