Moment of Truth: What Are Good Carbs?

Moment of Truth: What Are Good Carbs?

What's great about super carbs is that they provide vital nutrients and essential fibers," said David Zinczenko, nutrition expert, creator of Eat This, Not That!. "And they help you to stay full and to not have a roller coaster of a blood sugar level." Good carbs are complex carbs that provide energy and nutritional value. "Try whole grains like quinoa, barley, farro, brown rice, and vegetables like sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, or artichokes," said Maranda Elkin, a health coach with Well By Me, LLC.

Bad carbs are refined carbs, often filled with added sugar and devoid of nutritional value. "Examples of these would include foods containing refined grains (like white rice) and foods containing white flour (like bread, pasta, and pastries, or scones, muffins, and croissants)," said Elkin. "This may go without saying, but I wouldn't consider french fries to be a good carb," said Elkin. Bad carbs will provide temporary relief of hunger, but since the nutritional value is so low, the feeling of fullness is short-lived. This is why you may eat twice as many calories when you consume bad carbs.

Of course on a LCHF diet we still go easy on the good carbs (not eliminate) and rely on healthy saturated fats for sustained energy and a feeling of fullness. But the important thing to take away is there are healthy and unhealthy fats, and healthy and unhealthy carbs. Always avoid the unhealthy versions of both. A balanced diet is not about eating equal amounts of unhealthy fats or carbs.


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